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Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica spend Christmas away from the "American dream"

At least 7,000 Cuban migrants spend Christmas in Costa Rica, stranded in shelters and tents or crowded in Paso Canoas, Costa Rican border area in the south of the country, with no hope of reaching their longed "American dream". Read More

Cuban children share with major leaguers

Children living in Havana today received advice and teachings of star MLB visiting Cuba as part of a high-level delegation of the organization, and glories of Cuban baseball. Read More

Ethan Hawke: I want to make a film in Cuba

Havana is a unique location and I am living a wonderful experience, said the actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke, special guest of the XXXVII International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. Read More

Cuba and the US agreed to keep holding meetings on drug trafficking

According to a press release by the Cuban embassy in D.C., the two sides also stressed the need to formalize the exchange against drug trafficking in an effort to neutralize the actions of traffickers. Read More

Ethan Hawke will give Sundance Institute lectures in Havana

The presence of the Sundance Institute in the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will bring this year three lectures, and the projection in Yara Cinema, on December 5, of the famous film “Carol” directed by Todd Haynes and which surely will win an Oscar nomination for Cate Blanchett. Read More

Texas Governor visited Cuban Special Development Zone

Texas governor, Republican Greg Abbott, toured the Special Development Zone at the western Cuban harbor of Mariel, plus its industrial free zone project, all at 45 kilometers from Havana. Read More

Texas increases its commercial interest in Cuba

Texas’ businessmen see Cuba as the new frontier in relation to the opening of the island to foreign investment, according to the American newspaper Dallas News. Read More

American travelers can now use Stonegate Bank debit card in Cuba

For the first time, American travelers will be able to use a debit card in Cuba, easing the need to carry big wads of cash to make payments on the island. Read More

The crossing of Cubans to reach the US

The Cubans left the island legally towards different South American nations, like Ecuador, and from there they made it to Colombia and Panama to finally arrive in Costa Rica in route to the United States encouraged by the US dry-feet, wet-feet and the Cuban Adjustment Act. Read More

Cuban immigrants left stranded between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

An article published on Granma newspaper on Friday, entitled “The Odyssey for the American Dream” addressed the situation of nearly 2000 Cubans left stranded in Costa Rica, which have raised concern of countries of the region, currently trying to come up with a solution to the case. Read More

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