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There will be no changes in US visa granting to Cubans

Jeffrey DeLaurentis, current head of mission as Charge d'Affaires, in an interview that presents today the digital site OnCuba Magazine speaks of an embassy with less guards and freedom of movement that the Americans hoped to work in Cuba. Read More

Johns Hopkins University expands academic exchange program with Cuba

From 2016, students at the Johns Hopkins University, US, have the opportunity to study a full semester of their careers in Cuba as a result of academic exchange of this American institution with the University of Havana. Read More

US embassy in Cuba reschedules interviews for visa

Coinciding with the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to Cuba on August 14 for hoisting the American flag at the US Embassy in Havana, the consular section of Washington on the island announced changes in the consular interviews. Read More

The New York Times one more time against the embargo

An editorial in The New York Times on the Cuban issue, from today August 3, calls again for the lifting of the US embargo. Read More

Antonio Banderas will star series "Havana Quartet"

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will star in the Starz series based on the detective novels of Cuban Leonardo Padura "Havana Quartet". Read More

Cuba gets upset by category improvement in human trafficking blacklist

"Cuba should not appear in any unilateral list, or be subject to any surveillance” said a released on the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, in which the Raul Castro Government's commitment to “fight with zero tolerance against prostitution and sex trade or other forms of trafficking" is repeated. Read More

US authorizes Telco Company to operate in Cuba

TelcoCuba US operator has received legal permits, by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, to operate on the island and provide telecommunications services. Read More

Microsoft: the Cubans are "hackers by nature"

Microsoft just launched a project that aims to provide more resources for Cuban access to technology and particularly the Internet. Read More

US Congressmen present a bill to end the embargo on Cuba

The US Republican Congressman Tom Emmer and Democrat Kathy Castor presented on Tuesday a bill to end the economic embargo on Cuba for almost 55 years ago and allow US private companies to trade freely with Cuba. Read More

"I think President Barack Obama will visit Havana"

A possible visit of US President Barack Obama to Cuba would consolidate his new policy to achieve the normalization of relations with the island and make it irreversible, experts said. Read More

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