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What would the world be without Che Guevara?

Raúl Alberto Antonio Gieco (Argentina, 1951), universally known as León Gieco, is one of the big names of rock in Argentina, here it is a special interview he gave to Cubanow. Read More

ALBA, a better world is possible, declared president Raúl Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro assured on Monday that, in their struggle against the dangers and challenges of today, the members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) pledge themselves to a common ideal and commitment, knowing that a better world is possible. Read More

Fibber optic will reach Cuba by means of a joint venture with Venezuela

The use of an international fibber optic will boost Cuba´s communication capacity, said Alberto Rodriguez, Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communication.<br />   Read More

Silver and Bronze for Cuba at Cycling World Cup Stage in Cali, Colombia

Yumari Gonzalez and Lisandra Guerra won silver and a bronze medal, respectively, on Friday during the second day of competitions of the third stage of the Track Cycling World Cup that is underway in Cali, Colombia. Read More

“La teta asustada” film awarded at the Film Festival in Havana

“La teta asustada” (Peru), by Claudia Llosa, shows that beauty does not evade the arduous thing, that poetry appears amid the sordid and arid thing. <br /> Read More

Fito Paez present during his film premiere at the Havana Film Festival

Fito Páez was in the rear row, Fernando Rubio and Gastón Pauls in the row in front of mine. The director, producer and the audience were listening to the singer reviving each sequence showed in the screen at La Rampa Cinema. Read More

Cuban-Venezuelan Company PDV-CUPET S.A met their goal for 2009

The management of the refinery of the Cuban-Venezuelan company PDV-CUPET S.A. announced this Saturday the implementation of the annual plan thought in a bit over 20.8 million barrels. Read More

South Market demands end of blockade against Cuba

The 38th Summit of the South Market called on Thursday in Uruguay for the lifting of the US blockade of Cuba as well as laws and measures contravening the international law. Read More

Yumari in her debut to the World Cup of Cycling

The cyclist from Sancti Spiritus Yumari Gonzalez makes debut this Thursday in the initial day of the third phase of the World Cup of cycling track, foreseen until the next Saturday, event which assembles in Cali, Colombia, to what more shine the cycling in the whole planet. Read More

Cuba leads Solidarity and Humanism Wordlwide

Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa said Cuba was a world champion of solidarity and humanism in the farewell ceremony to the Cuban doctors that finished in that<br /> country the first stage of a psycho social-genetic study named Manuel Espejo Mission. Read More

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