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Caribbean and Latin-American Nations to create an entity without the US

The Summit of the Caribbean and Latin-American Unity will be held on Feb 22-23; in Cancun, Mexico, where the American nations will lay the foundations to create an organization that integrates all of the region’s 33 countries but Canada and the United States.<br /> Read More

Bolivia Insists on Fight against Climate Change

Bolivia has presented to Panama proposals to be discussed at the World Conference of the Peoples on Climate Change, scheduled for April 19 to 22 in Cochabamba. Read More

Regional Body to Coordinate Disaster Relief

Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, proposed in the summit of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) on Tuesday the possible creation of a regional body to coordinate and assist the prevention of risks and disasters.<br /> Read More

SELA, Single Regional Stance before UN

Latin American and Caribbean Economic Systen (SELA) called a meeting slated for February 25-26 to facilitate a single regional stance at 6th UN Summit. Read More

Op.Miracle: 100,000 Surgeries in Ecuador

Performing 100,000 successful eye surgeries to low-income people is easy to say but, for the beneficiaries who recovered their sight they have been 100,000 miracles. Read More

Argentina Poet Happy, Honored with Casa Award

Happy and highly honored with the Casa de las Americas, said on Friday the Argentinean poet Bruno Di Benedetto, who receives it almost as a birthday gift because less than a week ago it was his 55th birthday. Read More

Important Event on Bolivar, Marti, Lincoln

The importance of an upcoming conference on Simón Bolívar, Abraham Lincoln and José Martí was highlighted here Wednesday by the executive director of the meeting Eulogio Rodriguez, to be held in Caracas from November 17 to 20. Read More

Recital Dedicated to Jose Marti in Venezuela

Venezuelan poets with Cuban actor Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera and minstrel Jesus del Valle (Tatita) dedicated poems and songs to Jose Marti in Casa de Nuestra America Jose Marti (Our America House). Read More

ALBA Project tailored to help Haiti

A comprehensive project for emergency aid, restoration and reconstruction of Haiti was approved on Monday in Caracas by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA). Read More

ALBA shapes regional currency plan

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) confirmed Monday that this month it will make the first operation with the Unique System for Regional Equalization (SUCRE, an account compensation system to become a regional currency. Read More

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