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Cubans Speak from the core of Chinese vehicle in rush hour traffic.

An incredible range of transportation experiences provide a hard-earned point of view for Cubans, who have invented phenomenon like "marking" ones place in a huge waiting line, which this media worker did last Friday afternoon during the most hectic hour of the week. Read More

In "Abel Santamaría" surgical hospital of Pinar del Río, Cuba, Over 6 000 patients have been operated in a first year

Over 6 000 patients have been operated for different eye conditions like cataracts and pterygium, at the Ophthalmology Center of Abel Santamaría surgical hospital of Pinar del Río during its first year of existence. Read More

Celebrates Its 5th Year Cuban's Generalist Teachers Program

After more than five years of instruction, more than 1,870 young people have graduated as teachers from the José de la Luz y Caballero School in Havana. They will serve to guarantee the changes being introduced at the high school level in Cuba Read More

Implantation of Adult Stem Cells in Cuba

Autotransplant of adult stem cells, from the same patient, to treat critical lower limb ischemia has been one of the most important medical achievements in Cuba recently awarded with the Dionisio Daza y Chacon prize granted by the Spanish Magazine of Surgical Research as the best paper published in 2007. Read More

An important disaster in Baracoa, Cuba over 1,000 evacuated.

Over 1,000 people have been evacuated due to flooding triggered by a storm in the eastern tip of Cuba, Spains EFE news agency reported. So far no deaths or injuries have been reported. According to the official press, huge waves crashed over the sea wall of the coastal city of Baracoa and destroyed more than 20 homes. Read More

Inklings of Economic Reform in Cuba

Farmers in Cuba can now buy their own supplies -- a departure from a decades-old system clogged with red tape in which the state assigned them inputs, and an important first step towards bolstering food production, say experts. Read More

Found by Cuban Speleologists in the Boquerones Cave System Fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch

Fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch were found by Cuban speleologists in the Boquerones cave system, northeast of Ciego de Avila province. Read More

Cuban Intangible Heritage: Tumba Francesa

Preserving the Tumba Francesa Slave Dance (French Drum), a well-defined, and quite unique music and dance tradition still practiced in Cuba, was the first issue to discuss at the 7th International Congress of Cultural Patrimony. Read More

The Doctor Who Sings: Liuba María Hevia

Little José Macías smiled at singer/song-writer Liuba María Hevia. The little Cuban boy has a serious neurological disease and he is a patient in the intensive care unit. While singing to hospitalized children there, Liuba was, at the same time, an artist, a fairy godmother and a doctor. Read More

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