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Tourism in Villa Clara, Cuba: Improved Conditions

The tourist infrastructure in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara has benefited from investment to improve the quality of facilities and services. Read More

A Great Cuban Humanitarian Mission

It is Monday, almost three o'clock in the afternoon and hundreds of men in gray are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the artists... Read More

Increases Use of Computer Science in Educational Sector in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.

Ciego de Ávila province started the social connectivity project of the Ministry of Education Net by giving services at the René Ramos High School, attended by university students over the weekends. Read More

The Cuban's Art Instructor Olga Alonso: A New Book

On the 44th anniversary of the death of Olga Alonso, representatives from the José Martí Brigade in Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Ciego de Ávila paid tribute to this art instructor, who was fulfilling the mission of enlighten through culture remote places from the central region. Read More

Humanity Needs Art expressed Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez

Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez expressed humanity needs art more than ever, in such a convulsed world we are living in. Read More

For the first time in Cuba: Two Professionals Graduate Masters in Management and Innovation Design

For the first time in Cuba two professionals reached the level of Master in Management and Innovation Design to argue their theses at the Institute of Design (ISDI), in the capital. Read More

46 Painters Exhibit in Havana: 'Todo Almendares

The voice of the Cuban people and their culture can be easily heard these days at the Neptuno-Tritón hotel complex. Read More

Saturday 15 in Cuba, Terry Fox Marathon of Hope

"We intend to beat the record of 5,128 locations taking part in the Maracuba event and even have remote countryside areas participating in this race for life and against cancer," said event organizer Carlos Gatorno in a press conference today. Read More

In Ciego de Ávila Increase Services of Video Rooms

The video rooms lodging the Youth Video Clubs in Ciego de Ávila contribute not only to the shaping of the younger generations, but also to the cultural upgrading and recreation of the population in general. Read More

EXCLUSIVA-Cuba libera venta de computadoras y DVDS (In Spanish)

El Gobierno de Cuba autorizó liberar la venta de computadoras, reproductores de DVD y otros equipos como hornos de microondas, según un memorando al que Reuters tuvo acceso. Read More

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