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Cuba's `Johnny Appleseed'

A Cuban agricultural scientist who uses a guitar and a song to spread the benefits of organic farming has won the prestigious Goldman Prize, a $150,000 award presented each year to grass-roots ``environmental heroes.'' Read More

Climate Summit Begins

The People's World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth has begun this Tuesday with a mass event at the Sebastian Ramirez de Tiquipaya Stadium, 12 kilometers (7,4 miles) of Cochabamba. Read More

Heavy Rains Cut Road Access to Towns in Eastern Cuba

Heavy rains that lasted some 20 hours caused rivers to burst their banks and cut road communications among the towns scattered throughout the coast in Eastern Cuba, an unprecedented event according to locals. Read More

Quake-battered town receives aid, China says

China said Sunday that a flood of badly needed aid had reached the quake-shattered town of Jiegu, including food and shelter for tens of thousands of homeless.<br /> Read More

Six people to be awarded at San Francisco on environment protection

Six people from around the world will be honored tonight at the San Francisco Opera House for their grassroots work to protect the environment. Read More

Caribbean Prevents Marine Pollution

The Caribbean will be the sixth region of the world protected from the indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste by adopting the international agreement to prevent pollution from ships (MARPOL 73/78).<br /> Read More

China Earthquake Today: The Aftermath in Pictures

Chinese authorities say a series of strong earthquakes struck western Qinghai (CHING'-hye) province Wednesday, killing at least 67 people. Read More

Earth Tremor Shakes Cuban East

The Cuban National Seismological Service Station Network registered a perceptible earth tremor in Guama municipality, in the eastern Santiago de Cuba province. Read More

Intense Draught affecting several territories in Cuba

During the last 15 months wide areas of the Cuban archipelago have registered notable deficits in accumulated rainfall, reaching an extreme in certain places.<br /> Read More

Experts Suggest to Expand Solar Energy Use

Cuban and foreign experts proposed to spread the experiences of the so called territorial solarization project that tries to use the solar energy sustainably.<br /> Read More

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