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UNESCO Declares Nicaraguan Island World Biosphere Reserve

Managua, Jun 3 (Prensa Latina) Ometepe Island in Cocibolca Lake became the third Nicaraguan site in the UNESCO world network of reserves of the biosphere. Read More

Cuba Concerned over Ecological Issues

The Second International Colloquium "Jose Marti for a Culture of Nature" will foster ecological issue and environmental care in Cuba. Read More

Cuba watches oil spill with quiet concern

A former U.S. diplomat who just returned from a visit to Havana reports that the Cuban government is showing "increasing concern" about the possible impact of the BP oil spill on the island. Read More

Fearful Cuba watches, waits for BP oil spill

HAVANA, May 28 (Reuters) - Red flags went up on beaches in western Cuban this week, closing them briefly to swimmers amid rumors that the BP oil spill in the U.S. part of the Gulf of Mexico was forcing sharks into Cuban waters. Read More

Us steps up Cuba cooperation after Gulf oil spill

WASHINGTON, May 26 (Reuters) - The U.S. government has licensed a Houston-based oil drilling group to travel to Cuba to start cooperation on safety and environmental practices following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Read More

Cuba to suffer more hurricanes in second half of this year: expert says

Cuba is expected to see an increase in hurricane activities from June to November this year due to a combination of warm temperature on the sea surface and the inhibition of El Nino phenomenon, a Cuban expert said on Sunday. Read More

Gulf oil spill could foul Cuban waters

His sun-baked skin and leathery hands testify to his years fishing under hot the Caribbean sun in a village east of Havana.<br /> Read More

AP: Group: Madagascar Bird Declared Extinct

(The rail, which is now listed as critically endangered, was first described by American ornithologist James Bond, the inspiration for Ian Fleming's iconic spy.)<br /> Read More

Another Earthquake Hits Eastern Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, May 25 (acn) At 22:09 local time the stations network of the Cuban Seismologic Service registered a perceptible 3.0 magnitude earthquake in the Richter scale at 19.78 North,77.05 West, at a 10 kilometer depth, 22 kilometers southwest of the La Plata town in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Florida lawmaker says Cuba Reaching out oil spill

A South Florida Lawmaker toured the Gulf oil spill last week, checking the progress of the oil that’s still spewing from the wreck of the Deepwater Horizon which exploded more than a month ago. Read More

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