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Cuba Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Hemingway-Castro Meet

HAVANA – The celebration of the 50th anniversary of a meeting between former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and famed American writer Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) has begun in a small fishing village east of Havana Read More

Cuba Requests Permission From Bolivia to Search for Guerrilla

Suarez Gayol was a memeber of the guerrilla column that was led by Che Guevara Read More

Cuba's unknown foray into Africa

It is a revealing look at the Cold War through the lens of its least-known player, Africa. Read More

For nostalgic Russians, Cuba is a tropical time machine

Tourists look for bittersweet traces of Soviet past in Cuba's present. Read More

The Sol Melia Hotel Chain Gives Commemorative Plaque to Revolution Leader Fidel Castro

HAVANA, Cuba, May 5 (acn) A commemorative plaque for the 20th anniversary of Sol Melia’s presence in Cuba was given on Wednesday to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro by the president of that Spanish company, Gabriel Escarrer. Read More

A conference on Old Havana Conservation lectured

Bárbara Montalvo, Cuban charge d'affaire, gave a conference on the management model of heritage preservation in Old Havana, in the presence of the Spanish Teacher Association from the Czech republic. Read More

Fiftieth Anniversary of Meeting between Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway

The Ernest Hemingway Museum in Havana is celebrating the 50th anniversary of meeting held between Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the author of The Old Man and the Sea. Read More

Cuban Workers’ Confederation Calls for Large Participation in May Day Celebrations

HAVANA, Cuba, (acn) The Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC) issued a call urging the Cuban people to participate in the national May Day celebrations in response to an ongoing anti-Cuba media campaign by the United States and its European allies. Read More

Elián González: 10 Years Later

The photographer who took the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of Elián González said he's still haunted by the events of April 22, 2000. Read More

Time to lift the embargo on Cuba

Few know that Cuba was recently the United States' largest rice export market and is the fifth largest export market in Latin America for U.S. farm exports. Read More

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