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China will Increase Cooperation Projects with Cuba

Liu Yuqin, Chinese ambassador to Cuba, said in this capital that his country will increase the number of projects in the Caribbean nation as part of the bilateral cooperation. Read More

Cuba Calls upon US in Geneva

Cuba once again called upon the United States before the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization Friday for not fufilling recommendations, criticism to which another 11 delegations joined. Read More

Families of Guantanamo detainees want the truth about "suicides"

The families of men who died in 2006 in the prison located on the illegal Guantanamo Bay Naval Base – whose deaths the U.S. army presented as suicides – have petitioned the courts to reconsider their lawsuit, given new testimony by army officers who were on the base when those events occurred, the AFP reported on Thursday. Read More

Dora Alonso’s Cuban Identity

Dora Alonso used to assert, with special emphasis when she was surrounded by friends, like she also qualified her readers that in her culture flourished, like substance and nutritious, the wealth of popular traditions, even of that kind of myths and religiosity she drank in her childhood, when the upbringing of that girl was fed by a black woman who was her nanny. <br /> Read More

Mass Rally in Madrid for Cuba

About 400 people staged a rally in front of the Cuban embassy in Spain, condemning a recent anti-Cuban resolution by the European Parliament and the fierce media campaign unleashed against the Caribbean island. Read More

"Amistad" ship will sail towards Havana harbor

Days from now, a stately black schooner will sail through a narrow channel into Havana's protected harbor, its two masts bearing the rarest of sights — the U.S. Stars and Stripes, with the Cuban flag fluttering nearby. Read More

Chucho Valdes Records Song for Haitian People

Cuban pianist and composer Chucho Valdes finished recording this Wednesday the song “Haiti Volvera” (Haiti will Return), whose copyrights he will donate to the reconstruction of that Caribbean nation which was struck by an earthquake last January <br /> 12. Read More

Cuba Promotes Export of Rums

The Cuban enterprise CIMEX is fostering the commercialization of new products such as the Caney rum (12-year aged) with the purpose of increasing its exports and sales amidst the current international financial crisis. Read More

Che Guevara Hospital Inaugurated in Brazil

Aleida Guevara, the daughter of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, inaugurated in Umbauba, in the Brazilian state of Sergipe, a hospital named after the legendary guerrilla. Read More

France Reproaches EP Stance against Cuba

French organizations and important figures reproached the European Parliament (EP) stance against Cuba and said that the community bloc has &quot;a strategic incapacity&quot; to go out of the US protection. Read More

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