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Song to the roots and nature, it's Gaga party

The Gaga Party held at the Barrancas town, almost in the center of the eastern Cuban areas, is an endless parade of music, dance and colors. Read More

Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta and daily life

It gets harder and harder to wake up and start the day. I eat breakfast at 8.30 — oatmeal, berries, bananas and tea. <br /> Read More

Cultural promoters with new proposals for Nuevitas communities

Different artistic projects are being made in the communities by the hands of the cultural promoters, as part of the proposals for the present month.<br /> Read More

Havana Film Festival with Venezuelan movies

Venezuelan feature films Libertador Morales, el Justiciero and Cheila, una casa pa´ maita will be screened at the 31st Havana Film Festival, the organizing committee announced. Read More

Casino Dance

Casino dance is of Cuban origin and its movements are great, Casino constantly evolves due to the exploration of new movements including other present music tendencies. <br /> Read More

The Music of Cuba

Cuba is one of the world’s great musical destinations. And for the past decade, since the release of the Buena Vista Social Club CD, music has been a part of Cuba’s international image. Read More

Cuban National Ballet to dance the Nutcracker in Canada

The performance is scheduled to be made at Hamilton Place, the Cuban National Ballet and Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble Present a Most Special Christmas Classic. Read More

Dancers of the Royal Ballet with Swine Flu in Cuba

<div align="justify"> British media first reported news about the dancers — among the 150-member Royal Ballet delegation that had travelled to Havana — on the weekend, noting that among the afflicted were principal dancers Steven McRae and Marianela Nunez, who were unable to perform. </div> Read More

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