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Sinfonia Ecologica Brasilena in Havana

The Brazilian musical group Sinfonia Ecologica Brazilena has been welcomed by the Cuban audience and critics of Havana during its performance at Karl Marx theater, last Wednesday.

This group was conceived as a project by the remarkable stage director José de Possi Neto and the Symphonic Orchestra of Campinas, a city located 90 kilometers northwest of Sao Paulo.

Apart from Possi, the instrumental musical group is integrated by the virtuoso Carlos Fiorini -at its head- and by outstanding personalities of the Brazilian Arts at present, such as the great singer Teté Espíndola, the musical group "Acaba Canta-Dores del Pantanal", the theater group "Nau de Icaros", and the Ballet Academy "Juliana Omati", who have joined with the purpose of developing peoples conscience about the need to preserve the worlds natural resources and the environment.

This group has come to our country by courtesy of the City Council of Campinas, the Ministry of Culture of the South American region, and the Embassy of Brazil in Havana, in collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Culture. This musical group mixes up the classic Brazilian symphony with popular expressions. The program begins with "La Alborada" -The Dawn-, based on the opera "El esclavo" -The Slave-, by Carlos Gomes, a person so loved by all citizens of Campinas, since he was born there in 1836.

Gomes is considered the most distinguished among all opera composers of the XIXth Century in Brazil, either by the good quality of his music as by the great repercussion that made him represent it at the Scala theater of Milan. Heitor Villa-Lobos, an outstanding musical composer, is also present in Gomes plays with two pieces of singular beauty: "Floresta do Amazonas" and "A selection of the Brazilian Bachianas".

The latter were made into choreography by the "Juliana Omati" Ballet Company. The show allowed the audience to discover an important composer from Sao Paolo, Cyro Pereira, who has conceived, for the last five decades, an intense and varied instrumental repertoire that also includes musical pieces from remarkable popular authors, like Luis Gonzaga, from Northern Brazil, the essential Dorival Caymmi, and the samba players Paulino de Viola, Noel Rosa and Joao Bosco.

The performances of Teté Espíndola and "Acaba" group are considered as extremely authentic by the critics, who have taken to the upper limit the rescue and promotion of the Mato Grossos sound heritage.

Source: By Pedro de la Hoz, Cubarte

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