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Cuba Marks Culinary Day

Marking Cuban Culinary Day, the island''s gastronomic sector has fixed on the tourism industry as a sector in marked development, as recognized by Cuban chefs. Read More

Cuba: Zero Tolerance of Trade in Persons and Sexual Abuse

Cuba maintains a policy of zero tolerance of trade inpersons and other forms of sexual abuse, and guarantees the people’s human rights, highlighted in this capital Maria Esther Reus, Minister of Justice. Read More

Cuba’s Justice Minister says the government fights prostitution

The minister reportedly said that 224 persons were convicted of pimping in 2012 and that seven foreigners are imprisoned on charges of abusing minors, but gave no details on the procurers’ sentences or the foreigners’ nationalities. Read More

Businessman jailed without charge in Cuba

An elderly Panamanian businessman has been jailed in Cuba for more than a year in what is variously described as a case of corruption or attempts by Havana to renege on its debts or switch more of its trade to businessmen from politically sympathetic countries. Read More

Exodus of Cubans fuels clash of new and old

Cubans arriving today grew up on the island after the revolution, and their relationship with their homeland is different than the wave of immigrants who arrived immediately after Fidel Castro took power. Read More

U.S. Coast Guard repatriates 63 Cubans

The U.S. Coast Guard announced Thursday that the Cutter Margaret Norvell had returned 63 Cubans interdicted at sea to the port of Cabañas west of Havana. Read More

Jackson ends Cuba trip without Gross meeting

The Rev. Jesse Jackson ended a four-day visit to Cuba on Monday without getting to visit a U.S. government development subcontractor who is serving a 15-year sentence in the Caribbean nation. Read More

Rev. Jackson in Cuba, hopes to see jailed American

Jackson says he is in town for talks with religious leaders about their concerns for the poor, and peaceful relations between Cuba, the United States and the rest of the Caribbean. Read More

Santiago Pedroso, 1992 Phila. murder suspect, found in Philippines by the FBI

The FBI has captured fugitive Santiago Pedroso in the Philippines, 20 years after he allegedly gunned down his wife's friend in a crowded U.S. restaurant. Read More

Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Cuban Economist and Critic of Castro, Dies at 72

Oscar Espinosa Chepe, a high-ranking Cuban economist and diplomat who became a vocal critic of Fidel Castro in the 1990s but chose to remain in Cuba, despite enduring harassment and imprisonment, died on Monday in Madrid, where he was undergoing medical treatment. He was 72. Read More

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