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Energy Revolution Benefits: 26, 000 Inhabitants in Las Tunas, Cuba

In the last three years some 26, 000 inhabitants of this eastern province of Las Tunas have been benefitted by the program of the Energy Revolution that Cuba develops in the whole territory. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba in Decisive Stage of Sugar Harvest

The sugar workers of this eastern province of Las Tunas enter in the decisive stage of the current harvest, with the closing of Colombia sugar mill due to bad quality of its sugar canes, more than two tons of the crude could not be milled there. Read More

Change of Bulbs Saves Electricity in Las Tunas, Cuba

A program guided to the electricity saving in state entities, is carried out in this eastern province of Las Tunas, by means of the substitution of the first 1,947 bulbs by others that are thrifty. Read More

Multimedia on Organic Agriculture was Recently Launched in in Eastern Cuba

A multimedia on organic agriculture was recently launched in this Cuban province in an effort to provide students and people interested in the topic with knowledge about healthy and sustainable agriculture. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba with Good Results in Detection of Tuberculosis

The system of public health in this eastern province of Las Tunas, has been showing satisfactory results in the detection of tuberculosis, by means of an active search put in practice since a decade. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba: New Service of Cell Telephony

The Company of Tele Communications of Cuba, (ETECSA), in this eastern province of Las Tunas will offer a new service of cell telephony starting from April 14, with the objective of gradually eliminating the low phone density in the territory. Read More

Havana 's International Institute of Journalism develops a training course in Las Tunas

The Architecture of the Information as vital element to be published in Internet, was the main topic during the first day of the fifth training course on Digital Journalism, undeway in this eastern province of Las Tunas, whose womb began in the José Martí International Institute of Journalism, of Havana, last January. Read More

Begin Debates on Projections of the Government in Cuba, Las Tunas University Students.

The students of the Higher Education from this eastern province of Las Tunas began this Monday an extensive debate about the ideas expressed by the President of the Republic of Cuba, Raúl Castro Ruz, during the constitution of Cuban Parliament last February 24th. Read More

Liuba María Hevia sang several of her most famous titles to the children hospitalized in Las Tunas, Cuba

"I need to love and to sing for the children, for that reason I feel committed with them", asserted the famed songwriter Liuba María Hevia, after her performance in this eastern province of Las Tunas, as part of her national tour. Read More

This eastern province of Las Tunas, Cuba has increased International Help in Several Countries.

This eastern province of Las Tunas has increased in 30 times the number of specialists that offer services in different countries, and the professionals, technicians surpass in 566 to those last year. Read More

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