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Begin Debates on Projections of the Government in Cuba, Las Tunas University Students.
Irenaldo Martínez López, Vice-president of the Federation University Students (FEU) in the territory expressed that such an initiative has as objective to strengthen the political and ideological scenario of the university in Las Tunas and to win bigger activism among the students in the fight against the social indisciplines.

On this matter, the university is planning several initiatives that elevate the economic culture of the future graduates, so this cooperate to stimulate the productiveness and the economic efficiency in the labor centers, and also allow alternative solutions to the problems.

More than 70 percent of the youths that at this moment study at the university, once graduated, execute their social service in the spheres of the production and the services, which constitutes the basic pillar of the economic sustainability and of the satisfaction of the people's necessities in the country.

The Federation University Students (FEU) counts in this province of Las Tunas, to 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, with more than nine thousand members distributed in four university centers specialized in sport, medicine, pedagogy and humanistic, social and engineering careers and in 26 branches in the eight municipalities.

This student organization, created on December 20, 1922, defends the rights and the interests of the university students in Cuba, as well as promotes the improvement in the education.


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