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Silvio helped chileans breathe

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez readies his third tour of Chile accompanied by gratitude for songs secretly brought into that nation that "helped us breathe" during the dictatorship," a Chilean intellectual declared. Silvio held an informal meeting at the Cuban Embassy yesterday with Chilean friends, intellectuals and politicians, including Minister of Culture Paulina Urrutia. Read More

Cuba Hosts Colombia Govt-ELN Talk

The Colombian government and guerrilla ELN (National Liberation Army) are meeting in the Cuban capital Sunday to agree on a working agenda for a possible peace talk. Colombia's High Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo, and ambassador in Cuba Julio Londono are heading the governmental delegation, while rebel leaders Pablo Beltran, Juan Carlos Cuellar, and Francisco Galan are doing so for the ELN. Read More

Uruguay to implement Cuban Literacy Program

The Cuban Literacy program known as «Yo sí puedo» (Yes, I Can) will be implemented in Uruguay next month. According to Nicaragua's Internet Webpages the initiative, to begin implementation as of March 12, is aimed at teaching 10,000 Uruguayans how to read and write before the year's end. Read More

Silvio Rodríguez will give five concerts in Chile

Due to the tickets demand for the announced presentations in Chile of the Cuban singer and songwriter Silvio Rodríguez in March, a fifth concert was added, informed the company Multimúsica. Read More

I play to invoke feelings not to dazzle

The great Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Estrella closed the Havana segment of the Cuban Book Fair on Sunday with concert at the Amadeo Roldan Theater Read More

Cartoonist steals show at Cuba Book Fair

One of the greats of Latin American humor, cartoonist Joaquin Salvador Lavado "Quino," creator of the Mafalda comic strip, was a big hit Monday presenting a volume of his work at the 16th International Book Fair underway in Havana. The cartoonist, part of the Argentine cultural delegation attending the fair, combines humor and social commentary in his popular work. He singed dozens of his books and spoke vividly with his audience. Read More

Argentina donates Cuba 250,000 books

Argentine government donated Cuba 250,000 books, within a collection of five anthologies, as a token of the close ties of friendship between both countries. Aique Group Editor director Teresita Valdettaro, which is in charge of donating the copies, told media representatives accredited to be at 16th International Book Fair that anthologies have 50,000 volumes each. Read More

Half million of Latin Americans recover vision in Cuba

Over half a million of Latin Americans recovered their vision thanks to an ophthalmologic program Operacion Milagros developed between Cuba and Venezuela since 2004. Among those receiving the benefits there are 306 thousand Venezuelans and 100 thousand Cubans, expressed the Island Deputy Foreign Minister Yiliam Jimenez to the full session of the 9 International Meeting on Globalization and Development Problems. Read More

Argentine guitarist Juan Falu to perform in Cuba

The last name Falu is a landmark in Argentine guitar music. Eduardo, the patriarch, put music to the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges and Jose Hernandez, the author of Martin Fierro. Read More

Cubans deporting Colombian drug suspect

Cuba on Wednesday was deporting reputed drug kingpin Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante to Colombia, which plans to extradite him to the United States, a government official told The Associated Press. The Colombian official, speaking on condition he not be further identified, said Gomez was being flown on a Colombian police plane from Cuba and would be held at Bogota's heavily fortified chief prosecutor's office compound before being extradited to the United States. Read More

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