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Silvio Rodriguez

Due to the tickets demand for the announced presentations in Chile of the Cuban singer and songwriter Silvio Rodríguez in March, a fifth concert was added, informed the company Multimúsica.

It was also announced that he will attend the opening ceremony of the headquarters of the Foundation Gladys Marín, on March 4th, in homage to the Chilean fighter missing.

In this tour, Silvio Rodríguez will interpret many of the 26 songs of his double album Érase que se era, songs he composed in the 60s and early 70s.

The outstanding artist had scheduled four concerts, two in the Arena Santiago of the Chilean capital and two in the interior of the country. But now a fifth was added (third for the capital of that South American country).

The concerts in Santiago de Chile which tickets are being sold, will be on March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The author of Unicornio Azul (Blue Unicorn), among many other songs, will sing on March 6th in the Municipal Theater of the spa Viña del Mar, at 120 kilometers from Santiago.

On March 8th the troubadour will perform in the Regional Theater del Maule, in Talca, 255 kilometers to the south of Santiago de Chile.

The price of tickets range between (the equivalent to) 25 and 115 dollars.

Source: CubaSi

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