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Caribbean personalities call for a conference to analyze Haiti's situation

Caribbean scholar and journalist Norman Girvan addressed a letter to former Jamaican Prime Minister Percival J. Patterson, resuming the regional stand for the international conference on Haiti to begin Monday in Montreal, Canada. Read More

Cuba widens health care in South Haiti

Cuban medical mission in Haiti set its second field hospital in motion after the earthquake that devastated the poor nation.  Read More

More than 111,000 Haitians killed by the earthquake

The number of deaths caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 has been so far established as 111,499, according to a communiqué released on Friday by the Haitian Interior Ministry. Read More

Intellectuals to denounce US military involvement in Haiti

More than a hundred intellectuals from Latin America and Europe denounced today the increase in the escalating aggression from the United States towards the region. Read More

Warmer climate and stronger hurricanes

It's no accident that the documentary An Inconvenient Truth opens with a satellite image of Hurricane Katrina bearing inexorably down on a helpless New Orleans. Read More

UN General Assembly analyzes Haiti catastrophe

The UN General Assembly called on Friday the international community demanding immediate, sustainable and adequate aid for Haiti, after an earthquake devastated that country on January 12. Read More

Cuba unsure about at attending games

Cuba is unsure it will attend the Central American and Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico because of visa restrictions and other regulations.<br /> Read More

Caribbean moviemakers called for solidarity with Haiti

The Office of the Travelling Caribbean Film called today &quot;the filmmakers and audiovisual professionals throughout the region and those who, as part of the Caribbean Diaspora, live all over the world,” upon the solidarity with Haiti in a message released by the ICAIC’s digital Bulletin. Read More

Second Quake Hit Haiti

A 6,1 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti on Wednesday morning, eight days after a devastating 7,3 tremor caused thousand of dead and injured people and heavy damages. Read More

Olga Tañón to sing in Mayagüez 2010 games

The Central American and Caribbean Games, Mayagüez 2010, will include the talent of Olga Tañón within the great opening ceremony which will take place on Saturday, July 17 from the new Athletics Central American Stadium and which will be broadcasted to more than 32 countries through WIPR Television. Read More

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