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Reflections of President Fidel Castro. Lula (Part Three)

THE demise of the Soviet Union was to us like there were no more sunrises; a devastating blow for the Cuban Revolution. Not only did this translate into a total cessation of supplies of fuel ... Read More

Last Night First Vice President Cuban's Raúl Castro Led the Traditional March of the Torches

Thousands of students and members of the population in general, as well as participants in the original march of 1953, led at that time by the young revolutionary Fidel Castro, participated in the march to the Fragua Martiana (Martís forge). Read More

Cha Cha Cha of Cuban Composer and Violinist Enrique Jorrin was Introduced in 1953

Cha Cha Cha of Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin, cha-cha-cha was introduced in the year 1953, while playing with Orquesta America of Ninon Mondejar. Read More

Interview with Juan Formell: Are You no Longer Interested in Reflecting the Cuban Reality?

In the 1970s and 1980s, Los Van Van sang about the daily reality of Cubans at the time. Why is it that today most of the songs are love songs? Are you no longer interested in reflecting the Cuban reality?. Read More

In an Interview with Spanish Newspaper Publico, Alarcon Stressed the Cuban Revolution's Continuity.

Cuba Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, said his country has shown evidences of stability and institutional harmony, and criticized those who "try not to see the Revolution has a strong popular support". Read More

Cuban Artists Created a 70-square Meter Mural in the Eastern Province of Granma.

The work is part of a new project named Raíces (Roots) to deck out the city to mark the 495th anniversary of its foundation on November 5, 1513. Read More

The Casa Award, Which Started its 49th Edition Until Next January 31st.

Diversity and the complex reality of Latin America, together with the fantasy and originality of its authors, keeps distinguishing the Casa Award, which started its 49th edition until next January 31st. Read More

Venezuela Remembered the 127th Anniversary of the Arrival to Caracas of the Cuban Apostle José Martí

The Bolivar Plaza from this capital served as stage to celebrate the arrival in January 1881 of the fighter and intellectual, who was also the creator of the Cuban Revolutionary Party. Read More

Radio Havana Cuba (RHC) After 47years on the Air and Positive Feedback from Listeners Around the Globe

A recent study revealed that since its foundation in 1961 under the name Short Wave International, nearly one million listeners from 200 countries have sent messages in support of the station and Cuba. Read More

The Cadillacs and Dance Shows are Fun, but real Havana - beyond the Cliches - is More Exciting

I love Havana. It beguiles and intrigues like no other city I know, but it is also one of the most difficult places to explore without bumping into a cliché; to go beyond the classic cars, the dancing shows and the mojitos and hang out with the locals. Read More

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