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Other Look by Raul Martinez

Raul Martinez: Other Look, is the exhibition opened at the National Museum of Fine Arts starting next June 29 until September 3, in the 80th birthday anniversary of one of the greatest pop artists in Cuba. Read More

Drawings among rocks, by Jesus Gastell

When watching his drawings, more than technique- exquisite by the way- you notice a philosophical touch in every one of his works. Jesús Gastell Soto is an artist well known by the cultural project Glermitag, a workshop house that promotes collective and personal painting exhibitions of young artists and those committed to art. Read More

Portuguese city with sculptures of a cuban artist, José Villa Soberón

Manuel Antonio da Luz, mayor of the Portuguese city of Portiamao, had requested Cuban sculptor Jose Villa Soberon carry out an artistic project showing the life of the fishermen and women of this southern port city. Read More

The exhibits Monstruos devoradores de energía will be presented in Europe

The exhibits Monstruos devoradores de energía, having the attendance of 51 cuban plastic artists, will be exhibited in Milán, Italy, during this month of June. Read More

Frida and Diego: life after death

A homage to Frida and Diego; Voices From the Land, will begin July 6, scheduled to coincide with the centennial of the famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, announced the organizers in a news conference at Casa de las Américas. Read More

Paintings by prominent cuban artist exhibited

The Servando Cabrera Museum and Library, which is dedicated to the life and work of that prominent Cuban artist, is hosting an exhibition of Cabrera's paintings in which women's faces are the main topic. Read More

Silvio Rodríguez acting as a jury member

Cuban singer songwriter Silvio Rodríguez will be part of the Troubadour Contests jury paying homage to the Mexican painters Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886-1957) as it was announced. Read More

The Cuban artist Octavio Irving won "La Joven Estampa" Awards 2007

The Cuban painter, Octavio Irving, won "La Joven Estampa" Awards 2007, an event sponsored by Casa de las Americas, with his painting sequence "Persistencia de las formas". Read More

On top Cubas highest mountain

The prestigious Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera made the bust of José Martí, the National Hero. Its placed on the Pico Real del Turquino - the countrys highest peak at 1974 meters above the sea level - on May 21, 1953. Read More

Cuban artists salute malaysian independence

A total of 120 art works by 40 Cuban artists will be shown in a joint exhibit opening May 22nd in Malaysia to mark the 50th anniversary of the independence of that Asian country. The exhibit -called "Independence, Presumptions, Agreements: An Homage to the Independence of Malaysia through Cuban Art"- is a collection by the most important painters from the Cuban western province of Pinar del Rio. Read More

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