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The alley of fantasy

Its walls and sidewalks are daubed with overflowing paintbrushes of fantasy. It seems a legend panorama and there's plenty of truth in that, because the reality is that neighbors delighted by the fiction have also established its residence in the alley of Benicia Perdomo. Read More

Young artist from plastic arts selected for Italian contest.

The young painter from Bauta, Denys San Jorge Rodríguez was selected to participate in the international exhibition ARSLATINA in Antichi Forni, Macerata, Italy, with a piece from the series Hijo de papá (Son of Dad) (a mixed-metal technique, in which he uses holography, dry end and silk screen, engraving techniques...). To this contest came more than 60 artists from plastic arts from all over Latin America. Read More

Complete collection of Joaquin Sorolla

For the first time are exhibited in a hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in this city, the complete collection of the Valencian painter Joaquín Sorolla, which belongs to that Cuban cultural institution. Moraima Clavijo, director of the Museum highlighted that this collection of paintings is considered by experts as one of the most coherent and important of those existing nowadays outside the Iberian peninsula and for that same reason it has been exhibited in important museums around the world. Read More

Attractive exhibitions at the National Fine Arts Museum

With attractive exhibitions coming from Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla, Cubans Rocío García and Nelson Domínguez and the French artist Gérard Fromanger, the National Fine Arts Museum (MNBA), opens the 2007 Read More

Cuban artists find lost wax

Metallic sculpture of small and medium format assumes new courses in Cuba with the application of a method that is so ancient as it is efficient: the smelting on the lost wax. A demonstarion of this is the exhibition found in the Galería de los Oficios Gallery under the title Vuelo de bronce IV (Bronze Flight IV), with emblematic pieces of the genre made during the same number of encounters called by the Caguayo foundation, in Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Ceramicists from 19 countries displaying their pieces in Camagüey

Donations by artists from 19 countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia make up the most extraordinary exhibition of ceramics in the Cuban eastern city of Camagüey. Read More

The pictoric exhibits Wifredo Lam

Orichas, which was recently on view at the Galerie Thess Herold, París, directly influenced in the iconic deepness noticed in the appropiation of symbolic files of visions having an African origin, like the santeria. Read More

Equipo Crónica in the Fine Arts

"Equipo Crónica in IVAM's collection" is a travel exhibit running until next January in the building of Universal Art of the National Museum of Cuba Read More

An Embrace from Guayasamín for Fidel

Almost a hundred works integrate the exhibition ''An Embrace from Guayasamín for Fidel'' with venue at the National Museum of Fine Arts, as part of the activities organized by the Foundation Oswaldo Guayasamín paying homage to President Fidel Castro's 80th birthday. Read More

Eduardo Arrochas memories

Perhaps many do not know him off stage, but the history of scenic arts on the Island certainly would be different without Eduardo Arrochas drawings. He wanted to be a painter. This is why hes a graduate of the National School of the Fine Arts San Alejandro. Read More

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