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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 10 / 27 / 2011


More than 80 Cuban and foreign companies representing 17 countries will gather today in Havana, as part of the Festival de Teatro de La Habana, a space for reflection and dialogue.

The event's program, whose inaugural gala will stage the capital Pavilion Cuba, includes up to three daily features 25 rooms and 12 open spaces in the capital, in addition to the western province of Matanzas and central Cienfuegos and Villa Clara , venue of the meeting.

Parallel to the staging will develop several theoretical events and workshops that foster an exchange of experiences between playwrights and audiences, as well as being an urgent call for peace and against death.

Among the novelties of the Festival, which will be held November 6 to come, stands first presentation in Cuba of the Ambassadors of Broadway, a show that brings staging of the most popular songs performed from the fifties to the present in the famous New York music scene.

During the most important meeting of the tables in Cuba take place other activities such as presentations of specialist publications, areas dedicated to the screening of films inspired plays and tributes to iconic figures of national and international theater.

The Cuban proposal highlights the varied programming for children, youth, adults and street theater performances themselves.

Among the foreign proposals highlights the project below par Chilean actress Pinto, who brings to the Festival a work inspired by the poem I inordinate love of Cuban poet Carilda Oliver, National Literature Prize (1997).


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