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  • 04 / 14 / 2010

rita montaner

The Centro Nacional de Investigaciones de las Artes Escénicas (Staging Arts National Research Center) together with the collaboration of the Theatrical Art Faculty from the Higher Art Institute announces the Rine Leal Research Workshop from April 28 to 30, 2010 dedicated to the Famous actresses of the new Cuban stage, with the joint sponsorship of the International Playwriting Award La escritura de la diferencia (The writing of the difference) and the Proyecto Palomas (Doves Project).

When western theater incorporated woman in its casts it opened invaluable ways for both. Together they founded a new epoch. A space of freedom and invention of futures, theatrical art accompanied and impelled the transformation of female subjects.

From the very beginning of our professional scene we get the names of very important actresses: Adela Robreño, Luisa Martínez Casado, together with the lyrical artists Rita Montaner and Caridad Suárez and the myths of the great Cuban popular theater: Elvira Meireles, Eloísa Trías, Amalia Sorg, Luz Gil, Alicia Rico, Candita Quintana.

The renovation of the Cuban scene began almost at the end of the first half of the 20th century, a century of discoveries and revolutions. Within this spirit emerged the first academies and with them the new groups.

Art theater entered with bravery and in legitimating a different canon- such an important one that today it still sustains our practice-, the new scene forged its first great actresses: Marisabel Sáenz, Raquel Revuelta, Adela Escartín, Rosa Felipe, Antonia Rey, Violeta Casal.

The results of this hard work gave way to a new stage. With the advance of the fifties other groups appeared, bigger possibilities, the theatrical geography enlarged its limits. New faces, voices, poethics. Lilliam Llerena, Berta Martínez, Minín Bujones, Myriam Acevedo, Ernestina Linares, Herminia Sánchez, Helena Huerta, Carucha Camejo.

The victory of social justice granted art its legitimate place. In the sixties and seventies we were dazzled by Verónica Lynn, Flora Lauten, Miriam Learra, Alicia Bustamante, Xiomara Palacios, Ana Viñas, Hilda Oates, Isabel Moreno, Elsa Gay, Ana Guerrero.

Next to them, María of the Ángel Santana, Rosa Fornés, Antonia Valdés, Dulce Velazco, Violeta Jiménez, Gina Cabrera, Idalia and Gladys Anreus, Laura Zarrabeitia, Isaura Mendoza, Lilia Lazo, Elvira Cervera, Assenneh Rodríguez… the number of great female performers in this whole period seems inexhaustible.

They were not in the scene to shine their beauty, although beauty didn´t lack next to unmistakable voices that still last in our memory, but they had arrived to the stage with the help of talent and passion that became dedication.

None of them resembles the other one. They are all unique.

This is how we want to discover them, to recognize them. As great actresses that preceded us and with whom we emulate with pride, aware of the joyful privilege of having that history.

The eternal present time of the staging act demands the return trip with certain frequency. To come back over the same steps; to perceive the echo of a dialogue, the shade of a body, to guess the close contact of a dress, the suggestion of the expression.

As a result, they will arrive to the present times driven by our young students who next to artists and investigators will reconstruct their profiles, will evoke the landmarks of their acting, will make relationships, bonds, ruptures visible through six exhibition panels that will take place through the three days of the Workshop in the morning schedule, while in the early afternoon there will be presented different audiovisual products.

So, the curtain should go up. Let us give a chance to meet again.

Fuente: CNIAE and Cubarte

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