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  • 04 / 08 / 2010


The doors that will give way to the ninth edition of the 2010 International Puppet Show Workshop in Matanzas are already open.

This event, considered to be the most important one in the puppet theater field in Cuba, was founded by the Teatro Papalote in 1994, following an idea by Professor René Fernández, its current president of honor.

Fifteen years later and since 2004, the sponsorship of this puppet feast is shared by other important institutions of the province, such as Galería El Retablo, Teatro de Las Estaciones and the Israel Moliner Rendón Center for Information and Documentation, all of them from the Provincial Council of Staging Arts.

This ninth edition will be dedicated to the puppeteers minstrels Pedro Valdés Piña, director of Teatro Okantomí, Adalet Pérez Pupo and Carlos González, director of the Company of Marionetas Hilos Mágicos, all of them from the city of Havana.

Between April 10 and 18, the city of Matanzas, will receive artists from Germany, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, among other countries in Europe and Latin America.

Among those who have already confirmed are Professors Claudio Hochman, from Argentina, Iñaqui Juarez, from Spain and Max Ebert from the Stabfiguren Company, in Germany.

Hochman will lecture a workshop in direction and dramaturgy of Object Theater, the Spanish will do it on the animation of the glove puppets, and the German will work in the construction and animation of giant puppets for the streets.

The author of Pelusín del Monte, Dora Alonso, who was born in Matanzas will receive the tribute of all participants of this worldwide meeting through publications, shows and an exhibition n the Galería El Retablo under the title Una historia cubana de títeres, in this her 100th birthday.

Yet another interesting exhibition will be the photo exhibition by the Spanish artist Peio Arruabarrena, carried out in collaboration with the Tolosa International Puppet Festival.

Days dedicated to Professor Freddy Artiles and his theoretical legacy, or to Javier Villafañe and José Martí, will be important as the representation of shows that indicate the relationship of both authors with the universe of the stages.

The puppet theater is on a moment of intense development on a world scale. Cuba does not ignore the use of technological advances in this genre, nor the exquisite care of the cultural traditions in countries with a millenarian puppeteer culture.

The 9th International Puppet Workshop will once again facilitate the exhaustive knowledge of this wonderful art, through books, theoretical talks, workshops, conferences, movies and paper theater shows, such as those of Tras la puerta títeres,

Argentinean group, or of manipulated objects and figure that will presented by the Compañía La Rous, from Spain, with their much rewarded montages La casa del abuelo, among other stage surprises.

Source: Entretelones

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