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The National Council for Performing Arts granted the 2010 National Theatre Prize to Armando Suárez del Villar, important figure and master of Cuban stage.

Dean of the Performing Arts Faculty of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), has been also awarded the 2008 National Artistic Teaching Prize.

Suárez del Villar has stood out in the rescue, research and stage of the Cuban classic theatre, as well as in the development of the musical and lyrical genre by directing important plays such as Baltasar, La hija de las flores, Santa Camila, Los Bufos, El becerro de oro and El Conde Alarcos, among others.

His name is associated to emblematic groups Teatro Estudio, Ateneo Group and Conjunto Dramático de Cienfuegos, institutions that set standards within the theatre’s stage of the Island.


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