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Cuban Ballet  Dancer Leoannis Pupo-Guillen at the Eugene Ballet Company
It was his family’s fortunate fate of winning a special lottery system in Cuba, which grants American Citizenship, that allowed Pupo-Guillen to leave the country several years ago and move to America.

Pupo-Guillen worked hard to develop his ability as a dancer in his native country. He graduated from the Camaguey Professional Ballet Academy in Cuba in 2001, and then competed in the International Havana Ballet Competition He then joined the Camaguey Ballet Company becoming a principal dancer in 2003.

Upon moving to the US, Pupo-Guillen worked for Roxey Ballet and danced with Northeast Youth Ballet and Ballet Ambassadors. He joined the Eugene Ballet Company last season after impressing its Artistic Director, Toni Pimble. “I saw from the first rehearsal that Leo could not only handle the partnering and technique but he has that rare combination of fearless passion and an intelligent sense of how to play the character. Added to that the energy that he brings to a rehearsal and you have a dancer who is a joy to work with in the studio and a performer of outstanding dramatic abilities,” she said.

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