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28th Festival of the Caribbean in Guantanamo Cuba
The provinces of Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba will share the venue of this event, also known as the Feast of Fire, which is sponsored by the House of the Caribbean and the Cuban Culture Ministry.

The Festival of the Caribbean is held annually since 1981 and it has become a popular celebration of regional music, folklore, plastic arts and literature.

This year, the event will be dedicated to the culture of the Caribbean states of Mexico, whose delegation will be the largest one with 400 members.

All cultural institutions in Guantanamo will open their doors to the Festival, including movie theatres, where there will be a season dedicated to Mexican cinema.

One of the traditional attractions of the Festival will be the International Colloquium: ‘The Caribbean that Unites Us’, in which participants will exchange ideas about our common roots and the idiosyncrasy of their respective nations.


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