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Cuban dramatist Abelardo Estorino hopes to write movie scripts.
Perhaps the start of that road, he said to the press, is the determination of the young creator Lester Hamlet (Tres veces dos), who is interested to take to the big screen one of my theatre works, La casa vieja.

Estorino, who is a nationally and internationally consecrated theatrical and dramatist, with important works such as Las penas saben nadar, is full of plans, some of them already going. He is Theatre and Literature National Award winner and member of the Cuban Language Academy.

Among these plays is the version for adults of the children classic La cucarachita Martina, a monologue of his piece El baile and another monologue about Medea, one of the paradigmatic figures of the Greek tragedies.

Estorino has a big work that has enriched the Cuban stages. From his work it is worth mentioning El peine y el espejo, El robo del cochino, La casa vieja and Vagos rumores.

It is also important La verdadera historia de Juan Clemente Zenea, based on a famous Cuban poet from XIX century and the times in which he lived.

Vagos rumores won in 1997 the price of the Association of Show Reporters (ACE, after its initials in Spanish) from the Spanish theatre.

In an interview published some years ago at the Revolución y Cultura magazine, he defined himself as a writer who likes "to work in the mornings because I think in Virgilio Piñera and in (Ernest) Hemingway, who also worked in morning hours".

"I write notes constantly in pieces of paper I have inside the books. Anything I read gives me an idea. I can not work with noises, nor with music, or with people walking around me. I can not do two things at a time".

As a director, he prefers to favour an environment of total liberty in the stage and never consider the work finished.


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