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Celebrating its 146 Anniversary: The Tumba Francesa Society
The Tumba Francesa Society, the First Cuban Work of Art of the Oral and Immaterial Patrimony of mankind is celebrating its 146 anniversary of its foundation to show the people its roots and traditions.

The Tumba Francesa Nights, conferences about its origins and evolution, made by specialists from the Casa del Caribe (House of the Caribbean), as well as a documentary about the group, typical clothing and a gala with invited guests such as the Carabalí Izuama, will be held at iots seat located in Carnicería street between Habana and Trinidad, in Santiago de Cuba province.

Next 24th of February the Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente will arrive to its 146 anniversary, a celebration directly linked to the Santiago neighborhood that every day cheers their sings, drums and dances up.

In 2003 that centenary group won a UNESCO important category, since they have a cultural history with the emigration of French and slaves who settled in the Oriente (Easter) mountains at the end of XVIII century and the beginning s of the XIX century with the Haitian Revolution.

Born in 1862, the group survived the pass of time due to the French descendants and was declared a Cultural Focus.

Other recognitions won are the National Award of Communitarian Culture and the Memoria Viva Award.

Tumba Francesa is the recreation of the French saloon dances, in the style of the old European dances their masters brought here under the sound of wind and string instruments and that the slaves danced, later on, after the working day under the sound of the drums.


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