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Ambassadors of smiles, La Colmenita attacks again
La Colmenita acts again in Seville. Boys, girls and adults packed the room with their eyes on the stage. December is somewhat grey and rainy in Seville but nobody stays at home. Everybody is in their meeting with La Colmenita. The moment the curtains come open, the cold remains in the doors to the Civic Center and a worm light innundates it all.

La Cenicienta según los Beatles (Cinderella according to the Beatles)... how do they do it? We ask ourselves, those of us who already know the good artistic work of these children. Doubts begin to go away quickly. The deep and quiet voice of the narrator makes us doubt... but it can not be an adult, it is a function represented totally by boys, girls and young people: eighteen in all. It is then a young Cuban woman.

The mice come to stage quickly. We recognize their faces; we have been accompanied by them already in previous editions such as Los Cuentos de Andersen (The Tales by Andersen). Inevitably my eyes are centered in Rocío. Since I first knew her I was fascinated by her light. It is a star with her own light even though for those present today the main character is Cinderella, the beautiful princess from the story... without a throne and without a king, as says the song.

Music goes through the entire story. The public recognizes it and vibrates with it without explaining themselves how can some children play and sing like that. The Let it be from La Colmenita moves us. Rocío again, her light... and when nostalgia is about to enter the room, son hinders its way and its chords make the public applaud, more and more devoted every time. How different the story is if its told to us from tenderness, laugh and humanity made future. That is La Colmenita.

They try to adapt the jokes of the story to Andalusian. They wink to the public and they introduce the public to the stage by looking Cinderellas shoe among them all. We are theirs already. They have done it again. They have gotten inside our souls. Not even the happy ending id the traditional one. We couldnt expect less.

In this Cinderella there are other short stories inside, other stories and a wonderful Little Red Riding Hood who bring out the applauses of the room with her only three years of age. The Beatles and Cuba sing through the mouth of La Colmenita. Emotive, wonderful.

Its director, Carlos Alberto Cremata, tells us among wings that Silvio Rodríguez shed a tear when he saw the play in Havana.

The ending is the climax. After the fireworks and the applauses La Colmenita is reborn and pays its very own tribute to John, Paul, Ringo and George. They watched them from the great screen at the back. It is certain that if they could, they would have also shed some tears of happiness. Well done children. Thanks for illuminating the grey December days in Sevilla. Congratulations Tin. Congratulations fairies and magicians from La Colmenita.


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