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Los 7 contra Tebas, a long-expected theatre play by the National Literature Prize-winning dramatist Antón Arrufat will debut in Sala Covarrubias of the Teatro Nacional on August 7.

The version created by the U.S.-resident Cuban script writer Alberto Sarraín, includes a debate and a table reading that he himself performs supported by the local Ludwig Foundations starring.

Reading a passage of the Hellenic history leads us to a deep reflection on the human moral as actors Pancho García, Mireya Chapman and Leandro Sen play their roles.

Mefisto Teatro group features Tony Díaz in the general direction, soprano Gladis Puig in choral direction, Iván Tenorio in onstage work in collaboration with wardrobe by Eduardo Arocha, musical production by Jomary Echeverraría, and lighting by Carlos Repilado, also author of the ad poster.

The 7 ... won a polemic UNEAC Award the first time it was staged forty years ago. Lets see now, how Arrufat will play to packed house Covarrubias release.

Source: By Uriel Medina, CubaSi

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