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Since 1981, Santiago de Cuba blazes with excitement in hosting the Caribbean Festival, a large popular celebration of culture and traditions that attract hundreds of participants every year in July.

Music and dance, art, literature and cinema make a fantastic blend that performers jam in colourful parade route all day so delighting onlookers that crowd all the spaces devoted to it.

Other keynote events include gatherings of artists, intellectuals and people interested in exchanging on the Caribbean Spanish, English and French-speaking peoples' life.

The Festival was created in 1967 as a community heritage project for revitalizing most authentic costumes and traditions deeply studied by personalities like Cuban researcher Argeliers León, Barbados writer George Lamming, Dominican politician and writer Juan Bosh, Haitian singer Martha Jean Claude, Brazilian poet Thiago de Mello and Nobel-winning novelist Gabriel García Márquez, among many others.

Glamorous African, Asian and European dances round out Cubas entertainment roster.

"El Caribe que nos une" (The Caribbean that joins us) is the events slogan to preside over all the activities the Festival features in the heroic city of Santiago de Cuba.

Also known as "La Fiesta del Fuego", the 27th Caribbean Festival running July 3 - 9 will pay homage to the Dominican Republic its guest artists Sonia Silvestre, Víctor Víctor y Manuel Jiménez.

Its the second time that the Dominican is our guest country thanks to the tight links of friendship, history and culture exiting between the two nations. The first homage fell in 1991.

The Dominican food, art, cinema craftworks and literature will be displayed at the beat of merengue, bachata and regeaton rhythms that fleunty springs from the capital Santo Domingo to Santiago de los Caballeros, El Cibao and the Gran Cibao.

Source: By Uriel Medina, Cubarte

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