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Juan Antonio Mercadal: The Story of the Life of Cuban Guitarist

The history of the guitar in Cuba, which began with the very same conquest/colonization of Cuba by Spain, has been distinguished by remarkable teachers, composers and performers. Read More

Who was the Cuban Dulce María Loynaz?

One November afternoon more than 15 years ago, I attended a launch accompanied by the presence of Dulce María Loynaz, who was then a living legend in the city. Read More

In Cuban Mountains: The Health Services Expanded with Plan Turquino Program.

Inhabitants from the mountainous regions under the Plan Turquino program in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus enjoy different health services that might be considered luxurious in many other parts of the world. Read More

With Socialism in Cuba: Woman and Revolution, perfectly go together

With absolute certainty, I believe that as times goes by; women show even more their worth in the Cuban Revolution. So, Camagüey celebrated this International Women's Day convinced that we are still indebted to Ana Betancourt de Mora. Read More

Cuban President Heads Middle School Student Federation Congress

Cuban President Raul Castro is leading 11th Middle School Student Federation Congress closing session, in which that organization set as priority the key tasks to secure continuity of the Revolution. Read More

Is coming again: Cubadisco International Fair.

Cubadisco International Fair is coming again with its edition XII this time dedicated to Africa as continent and to the music and poetry as artistic manifestations. Read More

Visit to Cuba: A Dutch Trade Mission

A group of Dutch entrepreneurs has begun a trade mission to Cuba. Representatives from more than 20 companies are taking part in the mission, making it the largest Dutch economic delegation ever to visit Havana. Read More

Chile: Honored to be the Special Guest at the 2009 Havana International Book Fair.

Chile Ambassador to Cuba Jaime Toha González said his country is honored to be the special guest at the 2009 Havana International Book Fair. Read More

Nicaraguan acclaimed the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez

The Nicaraguan acclaimed the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez, who offered a concert qualified as anthological and vibrant by many assistant. Read More

First cartography exclusively dedicated to the Cuban culture, considered a scientific event outstanding.

The mega project pretends to give a complete vision of the Cuban cultural process and know with the biggest veracity possible the creativity and consume of art in the island. Read More

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