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Holguín, Cuba to Apply Diagnosis Blend Against Toxoplasmosis.

A diagnostic blend with specific antibodies, antigens and fluorescent markers to detect human toxoplasmosis has been developed in the Cuban province of Holguin in 2008. Read More

National Tree Reforestation in Cuba

Cuba currently boosts the sowing of 560 national royal palm trees, as part of this year's reforestation program, after the damage occurred in the island with the path of three devastating hurricanes in 2008. Read More

First Defibrillating Pacemaker Implanted in Cuban Province

The first permanent defibrillating pacemaker implanted in Cuba outside Havana is carried by Alvaro Morgado Martínez, an 82-year old patient from Holguin who suffers from a malignant heart condition. Read More

Canadian Scientist Acknowledges Achievements of Cuban Cardiology

Naranjan Dhallas, Director of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences of Winnipeg, Canada, praised on Wednesday Cuba’s achievements in the field of cardiology. Read More

The 27th Culture Festival Opens in Holguín, Cuba

The 27th Holguin Culture Festival to be held from January 13 to 18, will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.<br /> Read More

Holguin, Cuba: Gibara Wind Farm Begins Recovery Work

Work to restore the operations of the Gibara I wind farm, affected by sea flooding from Hurricane Ike last September, is progressing according to schedule. Gibara I has technology provided by the Spanish company Gamesa and the ability to generate more than five megawatts.<br /> Read More

Cuba: Leadership of Nickel Companies Recognized

The government of Cuba recognized the economic leadership of its nickel companies Tuesday, since this year displaced tourism as main source of revenues. Read More

Cuba Develops Nickel Industry

Cuba is developing the nickel industry, which is expected to produce more than 70,400 tons of mineral in 2008. Read More

Awarded Novel by tha cuban writer Margarita Mateo Presented in Holguin,Cuba

The novel Desde los blancos manicomios (From the White Asylums), a first piece by Margarita Mateo Palmer, 2007 Alejo Carpentier Prize,. Read More

Holguín, Cuba to Restart Liver Transplant Surgery

The Lucia Iñiguez surgical hospital in Holguin, will shortly begin to perform liver transplants, ranking the province the second in Cuba that performs this surgical procedure. Read More

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