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In Camagüey, Cuba: Science and Images side by side

Cuba, as a sort of vessel full of men and women willing to sail through an enormous sea of joy and sadness, approval and dissatisfaction; contradictions inherent to such a colossal work, has plenty of reasons to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Revolution. Read More

In Camagüey, Cuba: Ignacio Agramonte remembered

The gentle rain covering the city could not help people’s celebration to honor Ignacio Agramonte’s birthday; right in the old house where the hero was born, today turned into a museum. Read More

Camagüey Province increases exportations during 2008

The substitution of importations and the increase of exportable goods are some of the aspects valued by specialists to confirm a sustained development in the territory during 2008. Read More

Audiovisual Exhibition in Camagüey, Cuba

The audiovisual exhibition &quot;El Almacén de la Imagen&quot; (The Storehouse of Image) will be held in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey, where hundreds of works by Cuban artists will be screened.<br /> Read More

The plastic artist from Cuba Agustin Bejarano is presenting in the Alejo Carpentier Gallery

The plastic artist from Camaguey Agustin Bejarano is presenting in the Alejo Carpentier Gallery the exhibition La levedad de lo eterno (The lightness of the eternal), a group of 12 big works that are connected between each other and complement each other to create a huge installation. Read More

Beatification of Father Olallo in Camagüey, Cuba on Saturday

The ceremony of beatification of Father  Olallo, a Hospitaler of the Order of St, John of God, will take place on Saturday in the eastern Cuban city of Camaguey. Read More

President Raúl Castro Ruz Attends First Beatification Ceremony in Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz today attended the beatification here of Friar Juanino Jose Olallo, the first ceremony of its kind that takes place in Cuba. Read More

First Blind Cuban Gets Master's at a Pedagogical University

From the José Martí Pedagogical Institute, in Camagüey. Eddy Marcos Vives became the first Cuban blind man to obtain a master's degree in science at a pedagogical university. Read More

First beatification in Cuba: Brother Jose Olallo Valdez

The prefect emeritus of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, will preside at the Mass of Beatification of Brother Jose Olallo Valdez on November 29 in Camaguey, in the first such ceremony ever to take place on Cuban soil. Read More

In Cuba: Commemoration because of the 50th Anniversary of Camagüey´s Guerilla Front

“Frente Camagüey, a branch of Cuban Rebel Army, was founded back in November 18, 1958, in San Miguel del Junco as part of the strategy designed by Fidel Castro to defeat Batista’s dictatorship”; affirmed yesterday Julio César García, member of the Central Committee of Cuban Communist Party and First Secretary of such organization in this province. Read More

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