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Messages from Galicia to the Cuban Book Fair

The autonomous community of Galicia, the honor guests to the XVII International Book fair of Havana in February 2008 is preparing a wide representation of their culture, was known in the literary meeting in Guadalajara. Read More

Basque Businessmen Happy with Cuba

Cuban Ambassador to Spain Alberto Velazco, guest of the association, gave a general overview of present day Cuba, emphasizing the economic situation. Read More

The movie "La edad de la peseta" is a nominate to the Goya award

These three titles, together with La edad de la peseta, are competing at the Iberian - American Festival of Huelva (south of Spain) were these nominations were made public. Read More

"One Hundred Hours with Fidel" printed in Galician

A translation into Galician of the book "One hundred hours with Fidel" will be launched shortly in Galicia with the title of "Fidel Castro: A mina vida". Read More

Galicia Wants Cuban 5 Free

The gathering was held in Santiago de Compostela Saturday among representatives from different political, social and friendship organizations with Cuba, convened by the "Francisco Villamil" Galician-Cuban Friendship Association. Read More

Canary Isle President Tightens Cuban Ties

In statements to press, President Rivero pointed out that the Canary Islands has never interrupted its relations with Cuba, and there are more than 100 cooperation projects fostered by the Canary Islands with Cuba, and 11 in development. Read More

Cristina Hoyos will dance in Cuba

This woman returns with her singular magic and charisma to the Garcia Lorca hall, the stage of her dances with the disappeared Antonio Gades, to deliver her passion and her art over the tables Read More

Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey Ends Successful Int'l Tour

During the eight-month tour, more than 120,000 people attended their performances, which consolidated the group's international prestige. Read More

Renny Arozarena, protagonist of "El Benny" awarded as best actor at the International Festival in Madrid Móstoles

This recognition enrolls the large list of awards obtained by this film: Best Opera Prima at the 28th Habana Film Festival, 2006; Best Opera Prima and Popularity Prize at the 9th International Movie Festival of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2007; among others Read More

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