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Cuban Literacy Method Used in Spain

The Cuban literacy method 'Yo si puedo' ''Yes, I Can'' is being used in the Spanish city of Seville, the Director of Youth and Sports of the local government, Manuel Silva, said. Read More

The Five Anti-terrorist Cuban Fighters Held in US Prisons was the Focus of a Debate Held at the Madrid Ateneo Cultural Center.

The need to break the information blockade on the case of the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters held in US prisons was the focus of a debate held at the Madrid Ateneo cultural center. Read More

The Iberoamerican literacy Congress will be held in Cuba next June

The Iberoamerican literacy Congress will be held in Cuba next June as it was announced on Monday by Alvaro Marchesi, General Secretary for Education, Science and Culture of the Organization of Iberoamerican States (OIS). Read More

A Big Number of Writers, Musicians and Artists they Integrate Galician Delegation to the Cuban Book Fair

The Galician delegation will take part in about 200 activities during the literary fest, to be held from the 13th of February until the 9th of March in almost 40 cities of Cuba. Read More

In an Interview with Spanish Newspaper Publico, Alarcon Stressed the Cuban Revolution's Continuity.

Cuba Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, said his country has shown evidences of stability and institutional harmony, and criticized those who "try not to see the Revolution has a strong popular support". Read More

Alicante Wants Cuban 5 Free: The campaign was preceded by the execution of a mural dedicated.

A campaign to put posters demanding the release for five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in United States starts Tuesday in the Spanish city of Alicante. Read More

In the Fine Arts National Museum Spanish Painters to Exhibit in Havana, Cuba.

Luis Gordillo, 2007 Plastic Arts Velázquez Award, as well as Manolo Quejido are prominent representatives of the most current paintings of the Iberian country and creators of necessary reference for younger plastic artists. Read More

La Colmenita succeeds once again in Seville

"La Colmenita" performs in Seville again. Boys, girls and adults filled the room with the sight on the stage. Read More

Testimony of the Sole Cuban Survivor of Guernica

A significant historical-cultural plaza in the Basque country, the city "under the control of Republican forces at the time of the attack" was a strategic post containing the advance guard of the Franco forces during the Spanish Civil War. Read More

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