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Alejandro de Humboldt National Park: Claimed for Nature Tourism

Alejandro de Humbodlt National Park, located in Holguín and Guantánamo provinces, and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a claimed scenery for all nature tourism modes. Read More

Reforestation Renews a Barrio in Havana Cuba

Every morning Mario Véliz makes his way through the streets of Pogolotti, a low-income neighbourhood in the Cuban capital, to the milk shop. Those who only know him because he works there are unaware that this thin, wiry man with a face seamed with age is the life and soul of local reforestation. Read More

Most recent Cuban Zoo in Las Tunas

The area that opens the National Zoo No. 21 shows a breathtaking natural beauty. The tourist installation built up in place - 670 km east of Havana has hosted more than 125 thousand visitors in 15 years. Read More

A rarity in the Caribbean !: A scorpionfish captured in Santiago de Cuba

Scorpionfish swim very well but do not travel long distances and live at ease in coral reefs and rocky coastal zones of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Read More

Fishers dive for lobsters in Trinidad, Cuba

Several local fishermen catch the crustacean by diving into the sea, thus they sometimes have to plunge into the water a hundred times a day. Read More

Energy conservation reduces expenses of Cuban Hotel

This new energy saving project, implemented in Camagueys Grand Hotel allows saving of 41,300 KW, equivalent to more than $4,700 Read More

Camping sites improving

Salto Los Portales, Dos Hermanas, La Caridad, El Taburete, Pajarito, La Altura, and the international area of Aguas Claras are some of the centres that will give their services to the people. Read More

New leak identified at damaged Japanese nuclear plant

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said radioactive iodine had leaked from an exhaust pipe at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata prefecture on Japan's north-west coast following Monday's magnitude 6.8 earthquake Read More

China to make Cuban dengue mosquito killer

Cuban scientists developed and patented Bactivec, a biolarvicide which kills larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the dengue vector Read More

Viñales: One of the most worldwide-recognized views of Cuba.

One of the most worldwide-recognized views of Cuba is that of the mountains of Viñales valley. Nature has endowed exceptionally this site located 27 kilometers from the city of Pinar del Rio. Visiting this place is like getting inside Mother Nature. This most notable carsic valley of the country covers a surface of 132 kilometers and it holds the title of National Heritage and UNESCO declared it to be part of the Cultural Landscape of Mankind. Read More

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