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Dialogue of civilizations: alliances are needed to save the world

Book launching: El Dialogo de Civilizaciones (Dialogue of civilizations) by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. The book is a compilation of two speeches by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, in which he addresses the serious problems faced by humankind as a result of the obsessive hegemonic policies of the United States, and speaks about the only possible solutions to save the planet. Read More

Felix strengthening in the Eastern Caribbean

At 800 am ast...1200z...the center of Tropical Storm Felix was located near latitude 12.4 north longitude 62.8 west or about 75 miles-120 km west-northwest of Grenada. Read More

Organic fertilizers replenish farmers overworked plots

According to official data from 2006, more than 60 percent of land in Cuba is arable. But of the 6.6 million hectares of farmland, only 3.1 million are currently under cultivation, of which approximately 1.2 million are planted in sugarcane, 180,000 in rice and 806,300 in a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. Read More

Anti-erosive measures applied in Cuba to figt soil erosion

Cuba also has increased the production of organic fertilizers and biological resources for agriculture, to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers that pollute environment Read More

Lion fish specimens found in cuban coastal waters

Cuban specialists have captured two lion fish specimens in the keys located north of the Cuban central province of Villa Clara, 270 kilometers from Havana. Read More

Renewable energy in Cubas Sierra Maestra mountains

Hydroelectric power and solar energy are serving communities of the Sierra Maestra, the nations most important mountain range that includes part of Guama municipality of Santiago de Cuba province. Read More

Cuban scientists contribute to the development of Ornithology

Thanks to the ringing process, 300 pink flamingos are now identified in the Rio Maximo National Animal Refuge, in Camaguey, which has the largest flock of these birds in all the Caribbean Read More

Category 5 Hurricane Dean slams Mexico

Dean's path was a stroke of luck for Mexico: It made landfall in a sparsely populated coastline that had mostly been evacuated and skirted most of the major tourist resorts. It weakened within hours to a Category 2 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph. Read More

El Nicho, a paradise-like tourist resort

The biggest waterfall jumping from 15 m high runs along the HaAnabanilla river pools and artificial lake located 300 km from Havana. Read More

Endemic cuban animal species endangered

There is a gradual disappearance of several endemic species such as parrots, cateyes, hawksbill sea turtles (careyes), and even molluscs like polymites, siguas, quincontes or black coral, which can only be found now at great depths. Read More

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