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Cuban Doctors Help Flood Victims in Mexico

The physicians arrived in Tabasco with authorization from the Mexican government and brought two tons of medicines with them. Read More

New Irrigation Equipment to Boost Havana Farming

Renan Barreras, assistant director of the Ministry of Agriculture for the province, said the majority of the equipment is already in the country and the rest is due to arrive by December 15. Read More

Ricardo Alarcón and Danielle Mitterrand Met Monday in Havana

The Cuban Parliament leader and the president of the France-Libertés NGO met Monday in Havana, discussing issues linked to the worlds potable water supplies. Read More

Cuba at Closing of European Development Days

First Deputy Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reiterated that Cuba is an independent country, proud of the Revolutions unquestionable accomplishments in terms of human rights, and that it enjoys a true democracy. Read More

Coffee Harvest Continues in Rain Soaked Eastern Cuba

Residents of the surrounding communities are taking time off from their usual activities to pick beans before they fall and help bring in the harvest. Read More

New Water Mains for Santiago de Cuba

The National Institute of Water Resources has begun to replace the main waterlines in the city of Santiago de Cuba, seriously affected in several areas by the intense rains during October and early November. Read More

Million-dollar losses and one person death from floods in eastern Cuba after Noel

According to an informative note published in the press, Yusmani Tames González died trying to cross a swollen river in Granma province. It is estimated that the total losses from heavy rain in the eastern provinces from October 11 to November 5, plus the passing of Tropical Storm Noel, amount to $499 million, according to a preliminary analysis. Read More

Santiago residents in recovery stage after flooding

Dozens of communities remain cut off due to swollen rivers and flooded roads and highways. However, basic food and hygiene supplies have been provided along with other primary needs guaranteed by the civil defense authorities. Read More

International Symposium on Wetlands underway in Zapata Swamp

This international symposium is traditionally held in Zapata Swamp, whose wetland boasts the titles of Ramsar Site and Biosphere Reserve due to its excellent level of conservation and to the proper management of its natural resources. Read More

Massive evacuation in eastern Cuba due to severe flooding

The evacuation, the largest ever in the region, included moving people from 50 neighborhoods, some currently found under water and others in danger of flooding. A total of 24,000 people were protected including those evacuated during the past weekend due to Tropical Storm Noel. Read More

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