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Habanastation presented in New York

The 13th edition of the Havana Film Festival New York will open on April 12 with the presentation of the Cuban film Habanastation, directed by Ian Padrón. This film has had a successful showing in Michigan, Miami, Los Angeles and several cities in Europe and Africa. Read More

Latin American Photo Day coming soon in Havana

On 9 April will be the opening of the III Latin American Photographic Conference starting with the explosion's seduction of the eye, which reveals the human body treatment in Cuban photography from 1915 to present. This will take place at the Centro Cultural Hispano de La Habana. Read More

Lizt Alfonso Ballet premiere show in Cuba

The Karl Marx Theater premiere next April 8 show Lizt Alfonso Ballet Friends, this is the first presentation on the island after its successful introduction in Germany. Read More

Guamo Award at Guantanamo

On Saturday March 31 was delivered in Guantanamo Guamo Prize awarded by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) to stimulate the creator who made ​​major contributions is the regional culture. Read More

Cuban film "Habanastation" wins award in Egypt

In 21 International Film Festival for Children, Cairo, Mexico and Cuba were the creditors of the Special Jury Prize "Habanastation" film was awarded the Caribbean island. Read More

Benedict XVI calls for more freedom for the Catholic Church in Cuba

After his stay in Cuba, from 26 to 28 March, where he shared with President Raul Castro and former President Fidel Castro, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his desire to grant more freedoms to the Catholic Church in the Caribbean island. Read More

Pope criticizes embargo against Cuba and calls for freedom for Cubans

The last words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in Havana before leaving the Vatican were devoted among other things to criticize the U.S. embargo against the island. He also expressed his wish that all Cubans enjoy full freedom. With this speech he said goodbye to the island after three days of stay, taking a game season. Read More

Ends Pope's visit to Cuba

After a hectic three days of varied activities Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday concluded his visit to Cuba, where he received a friendly reception of the population. Read More

Cuban government reaffirms its political model to the Pope's visit

Marino Murillo, vice president of the Council of Ministers reaffirmed that the socialist political model that exists on the island is not subject to any discussion or changes. The economic model is the only sector that is receiving changes. Read More

Summary of activities of the Pope in Santiago de Cuba

From March 26 to 27 saw the first stage of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI began in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, a city where he had a busy schedule of activities. Read More

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