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Rafael Guzmán lives in a magic and colorful world

His personal engraving exhibit "Yo soy feliz" (I am happy), made up of 15 pieces, which was inaugurated a few days ago in the Provincial Genetics Center of Pinar del Rio. Read More

Romerías de Mayo in Holguin from May 2nd to 8th

The Festival will also include the usual spaces such as Babel, Raíces, la Fiesta de los abrazos, the space for Literature, music, and the Artisan Festival, organized this time in Expo Holguín, where there is also the thinking congress Memoria Nuestra. Read More

Alas con puntas, Roberto Chile’s Sturdy Wings to Fly High

Cuban documentary maker Roberto Chile has gathered a group of local artists of the likes of Franklin Álvarez, Kamyl Bullaudy, Luis Enrique Camejo, Nelson Domínguez, José Antonio Hechavarría, Alicia Leal, Cirenaica Moreira, and Reinerio Tamayo, and blend the wide variety of their artistic visions with his own audiovisual look. Read More

Ideograms found in Cienfuegos show earlier chinese presence in Cuba

There are three major Chinese migration flows to Cuba in history, the first from 1847 to 1874, the second from around 1865 to 1885 and the third from 1919 to 1925. Read More

Elephants Loose in Havana

Where are those elephants now? How come they are allowed to roam like that in the city? What is it about them that people aren’t scared and want to come close, even touch them?<br /> Read More

Petroglyph Cave: one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba

The Petroglyph Cave endures today among the mountainous regions of Viñales municipality, as one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba. Read More

Bronze Sculpture of Grammy Winner Cuban musician Compay Segundo

A life-size sculpture of the late celebrated Cuban musician Compay Segundo, located at Havana’s Hotel Nacional, will be cast in bronze at this city’s Caguayo Foundry Read More

Notwithstanding, my work is in Cuba, Setsuko Ono

The famous artist Setsuko Ono, sister of Yoko Ono and sister in law of John Lennon, <br /> declared in Paris that even though the US government tried to prevent it, her work is on display in Cuba. Read More

The cockroaches of Fabelo in an honour place in Havana Biennial exhibition.

Ten cockroaches with human faces are escalating through the outer wall of the National Fine Arts Museum, vindicated in an installation of the Cuban painter Roberto Fabelo that makes people recall the morning when Gregoio Samsa awaked as a grotesque bug. Read More

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