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A Cuban National Hero Jose Marti’s Bust Unveiled in Senegal

Llusif Sadin Tasse, Cuban Ambassador to Senegal, unveiled a Cuban National Hero Jose Marti’s bust, at the Cheikh Anta Diop University’s Science and Humanities Faculty in Dakar, the capital city of this African country. Read More

Cuban painter Zaida del Río presents a new sample of its work

If, giving credit to Jorge Luis Borges, the Aleph " is one of the points in space containing all points", we would have to agree that each work by Zaida del Río, especially the most recent ones, summarizes all the lines of her lyrical obsessions. Read More

Havana Sorollas will be exhibited at the el Prado Museum

The pieces with which the Havana and the Madrid Museums are joining together are from the most solid and fruitful years of the author and are part of the Cuban collection that has about 30 pieces. It is one of the most important collections of this artist outside the Iberian Peninsula. Read More

Exhibition "Querido Van Gogh" Open at the Center for the Development of the Visual Arts in Havana.

The exhibition Querido Van Gogh: Homenaje del Arte Contemporáneo Cubano, will stay open to public until next June 3 at the Center for the Development of the Visual Arts in Havana.<br /> Read More

Cuba in the First International Art Festival in Santo Domingo

The two levels of the National Gallery of the Fine Arts Palace welcomed more than twenty art galeries from the United States, Canada, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the First International Art Festival in Santo Domingo (FIART 2009), an event that paid special tribute to professors Iván Tovar and Fernando Botero. Read More

Painter Wilber Ortega Exhibits New Landscapes in Las Tunas, Cuba

The gallery of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) reopened its doors in Las Tunas with the personal exhibition by the famous local painter Wilber Ortega, entitled Ruegos del silencio (Prayers in Silence).<br /> Read More

Erected in Sri Lanka a Monument to Jose Marti

The Solidarity-with-Cuba movement in Sri Lanka agreed to erect a monument in Colombo, its capital city, to honor Cuban national hero Jose Marti. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba, Plastic Artists Pay Homage to Jose Marti

This exhibition is part of a national purpose Environment of Education and Culture for the socialization of the educational project Jose Marti in the 221st century. Read More

Cuban Light in drawings by Russian children

This drawing exhibition created by Russian children on Cuban themes demonstrate the continuity of the unbreakable friendship bonds between both countries, declared here the Cuban ambassador, Juan Valdés. Read More

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