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Two cuban choreographers on world dance day.

World Dance Day on Sunday was a fitting occasion for Granma to interview two young choreographers, Yolena Alonso and Lizt Alfonso. Their chief concerns, prospects as creators and artistic vision for their respective companies was the subject of the interview. Read More

Alicia Alonso for World Dance Day

Alicia Alonso, director of the National Ballet of Cuba, said here that she will celebrate World Dance Day with joy, "at a time that we would wish it to be infinite." Read More

Cuban Ballet to World Gala in Lisbon

Cuban ballet dancers Viengsay Valdes and Romel Frometa will perform at an international gala on World Dance Day, April 29, in Portugal, Alicia Alonso s company sources announced Monday. Read More

Big art party in Old Havanas streets and squares

The 12th edition of the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes: "Old Havana: City in Motion" becomes April 4th-8th a new creative dialogue starting from Havanan architecture, as the oldest part of the city has opened again its most famous streets, houses, squares and corners to the dance movement in this festival that brings together beautiful varied styles and trends. Read More

Living myth in Havana: Mikhail Baryshnikov

"Misha", as hes popularly known in the world of arts, stated that "the three more important Ballet schools nowadays are the Russian, the French and the Cuban, emphasizing on the male dancers". Read More

The youthful face of world dance come to Cuba

More than 200 artists, teachers and students from across Latin America and Europe will attend the event, said organizing committee president Ramona de Saa in a press conference. Read More

Cuban Street Dancing Festival in April

Companies and dancers of 16 countries will participate in the 12th Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes to perform in the streets of the Old Havana Historical Center, organizers reported. The general director of the meeting Isabel Bustos, said that artists from Spain, France, Noriega, Argentina, Colombia, Great Britain, Bolivia, Belgium, New Caledonia, Guatemala and Italy will be present there. Read More

Alonso Ballet Center opens in Mexico

Mexico s Yucatan State Art Institute opened a new space for ballet teaching and training on Monday, named after Cuban prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso. Read More

Cuban National Ballet begins mexican tour

After a successful presentation Tuesday night at the National Auditorium of Mexico City, the Cuban National Ballet gets ready for the second leg of its Mexico tour in places of the state of Tabasco. "The Magic of Dancing" is the title of the presentation by the renowned ballet company, founded in 1948 by its present director Alicia Alonso. The Cuban National Ballet is scheduled for performances in 10 Mexican cities, Prensa Latina News Agency reported. Read More

The best of cuban salsa dance to be featured in Havanas Revolution Square

Cuban salsa dance" known as "Casino"" will be featured at ceremonies marking the 45th anniversary of the Young Communist League Read More

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