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La edad de la peseta
The Cuban film La edad de la peseta -The silly age-, by the young movie director, Pavel Giroud, will be exhibited at the San Francisco Movie Festival, in the United States, according to sources from the CubanFilm Institute.

This film is included within the 200 from 54 countries that have been selected by the organizers of the eventon the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of this foundation, taking place from April 26th to May 10th.

The Silly Age is a co-production with Mediapro Film Company, in Spain, and Alter Productions of Venezuela. he film is based on a script made by Arturo Infante,who obtained a Mention in 2003, at the 25th Havana's Movie Festival 2003, and was highly praised by the Colombian writer, Gabriel García Márquez.
Awarded in Havana and Cartagena de Indias, "the Cuban film tells about the experiences and contradictory world of two distant generations trapped by the abrupt and disturbing world of the adolescence."

This festival will be inaugurated with the Italian-French movie Golden door, directed by Emanuele Chrialese, a history of a family that emigrates to United States from Sicily.

The jury of this event will hand in several awards to the film directors George Lucas and Spike Lee, as well as the actor Robin Williams, among others.

Source: Cubarte

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