Thief Who Stole Gas Cylinder in Santiago de Cuba Claims He Will Continue Stealing

Thursday, July 11, 2024 by Robert Castillo

A man recently arrested amid much commotion after being caught stealing a gas cylinder from a house in Santiago de Cuba declared that he will continue to steal, claiming family ties to "La Johnson," referring to Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, First Secretary of the Communist Party of that province.

In a video sent to journalist Yosmany Mayeta—who had previously publicized the complaint—the individual, identifying himself as Luis Vinent Zamora (also known as "Cajón"), boasted that La Johnson would get him out of jail whenever necessary. "La Johnson, who is my family, she will get me out on the streets," he declared.

"I demand the authorities of Santiago de Cuba, 'La Johnson', Manuel Falcón Hernández, the provincial governor; the Ministry of the Interior, and every institution responsible for public safety and proper judicial proceedings to ensure these criminals are duly prosecuted," the journalist demanded.

Mayeta Labrada added, "It's not fair that repeat offenders and confessed criminals are released after being captured by ordinary citizens," emphasizing that a fine, a warning letter, or any other mild penalty is insufficient for these individuals.

In the final segment of his publication, Yosmany Mayeta Labrada called for an investigation to verify whether this man is indeed related to the Secretary of the PCC and to determine the extent of her complicity in actions that adversely affect ordinary Cubans.

It was last Sunday when, with the help of neighbors, the police arrested Luis Vinent Zamora, who attempted to steal a gas cylinder from a house in the city center. Mayeta's report on the incident included a video of the moment the man was captured inside his own home, where he hid after being caught in the act of stealing a gas cylinder from a house on Carnicería Street between San Carlos and Santa Rosa.

The person who sent the footage confirmed it was the second time the individual had stolen a gas cylinder. When he realized he was being followed, the man—armed with a knife—dropped the cylinder and fled to his home, where he was eventually apprehended. The police took him away amid much excitement from neighbors and passersby, who shouted "thief" and "shameless" among other insults.

In addition to the shortages of basic necessities and rampant inflation during one of the worst economic crises the country has suffered, Cubans are also facing an unprecedented crime wave nationwide, with thefts, assaults, and violent crimes occurring almost daily.

Impact of Crime and Corruption in Santiago de Cuba

This section addresses common questions regarding the rise in criminal activity and alleged corruption in Santiago de Cuba, providing insights into the situation.

What led to the arrest of Luis Vinent Zamora?

Luis Vinent Zamora was arrested after being caught stealing a gas cylinder from a house in Santiago de Cuba, with the assistance of neighbors who alerted the police.

Who is "La Johnson" and what is her alleged connection to the thief?

"La Johnson" refers to Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, the First Secretary of the Communist Party in Santiago de Cuba. Luis Vinent Zamora claims to be related to her and stated that she would help him get out of jail.

What measures does journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada demand from the authorities?

Yosmany Mayeta Labrada demands that the authorities ensure criminals are properly prosecuted and calls for an investigation into the alleged family connection between Luis Vinent Zamora and Beatriz Johnson Urrutia.

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