Daughter of Jencarlos Canela Receives Tesla for Her 16th Birthday

Thursday, July 11, 2024 by Claire Jimenez

Oriana Lander, the eldest daughter of Gaby Espino, celebrated a milestone birthday. The young lady turned 16, a special occasion she celebrated with her father, Jencarlos Canela. Although he is not her biological father, Canela treats her as if she were his own, forging an unbreakable bond that is evident whenever they are together.

To mark this significant day, Jencarlos Canela showcased the gift he presented to the teenager: a Tesla. He revealed this generous present on his Instagram stories, where the elegant black electric car was adorned with a large red bow and balloons displaying the number 16. "Time flies; it feels like just yesterday when I was holding you in my arms, and now you're driving your own car," wrote the Cuban-American singer on the video, depicting his princess behind the wheel of her brand-new vehicle.

"Happy birthday, my baby. I didn't post yesterday because we were celebrating. Sixteen years ago, you taught me, and to this day, you continue to show me a love I never imagined existed. I love you, my princess, even if you'll be mad at me for posting this!" added the singer and actor in his heartfelt birthday message to the teenager.

The singer's followers have praised the beautiful father-daughter relationship, expressing their admiration in the comments. Messages like, "Excellent father, showing how deeply one can love a partner's child and still be there for her years after separating," and, "A dad isn't the one who fathers you; a dad is the one who raises you and is present. He is a wonderful father to her, and she deserves it. More brave and loving men like him," or, "How beautiful. Truly, you are an example for all gentlemen," and "Wow, she is so lucky and blessed to have two dads who will always be there for her," flooded the comment section.

It is worth noting that Oriana is the result of Gaby Espino's marriage to actor Cristóbal Lander. Later, she had a relationship with Jencarlos Canela, with whom she shares her second child, Nickolas. Despite their separation, they continue to form a beautiful family for their children.

Jencarlos Canela and Oriana Lander's Heartwarming Relationship

In light of this touching story, here are some frequently asked questions about the relationship between Jencarlos Canela and Oriana Lander.

How did Jencarlos Canela become a father figure to Oriana Lander?

Jencarlos Canela became a father figure to Oriana Lander through his relationship with her mother, Gaby Espino. Despite not being her biological father, he has treated her as his own, creating a strong and loving bond.

What special gift did Jencarlos Canela give Oriana for her 16th birthday?

Jencarlos Canela gifted Oriana a Tesla for her 16th birthday, which he showcased on his Instagram stories.

How do followers of Jencarlos Canela view his relationship with Oriana?

Followers of Jencarlos Canela have expressed admiration for his relationship with Oriana, praising his role as a loving and dedicated father figure.

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