Rosmeri Díaz: The Cuban Native Aiming for Miss Universe Cuba 2024

Thursday, July 11, 2024 by Samantha Mendoza

Rosmeri Díaz is a 27-year-old woman originally from San Miguel del Padrón, Havana, who is determined to become Cuba's representative in the Miss Universe 2024 beauty pageant. Currently residing in Lehigh, Florida, she is among the 20 finalists competing for the title of Miss Universe Cuba. She remains optimistic and confident in her modeling abilities, believing she has a strong chance to win the coveted crown.

Since arriving in the United States after a difficult migratory journey, Rosmeri has been preparing for this beauty contest. The eliminations will take place in Miami on September 15, which will be the crucial step to represent the island at the international Miss Universe gala in November, to be held in Mexico.

"Despite the nervousness, I feel that I have achieved so much in this world that I am so passionate about," she said in a recent interview with Martí Noticias. "In Cuba, I attended the Compañía de Danzas Tradicionales de Cuba JJ academy under the direction of Johannes García," she recounted, highlighting her experience performing at the Teatro América and the Karl Marx Theatre.

Rosmeri's life has been a series of challenges and triumphs. In 2018, she emigrated with her father to Guyana, beginning a complicated journey through Latin America. "It was four days of a very tough journey until we reached Uruguay," she recalled. There, she worked in various jobs until she met her husband, which facilitated her arrival in the United States in 2021.

Rosmeri firmly believes that beauty is not just about physical appearance but also about values and life experiences. "Your values as a human being and what you have learned throughout life are what you should demonstrate every day," she emphasized.

In the Miss Universe Cuba contest, more than 500 women of Cuban origin entered the competition this year. There were no restrictions on age, marital status, height, or body measurements, providing an inclusive opportunity for all participants.

The young model maintains a strict diet and exercise routine to ensure her health and well-being, but she assures that 80 percent of her results are due to a balanced diet. Rosmeri remains in close contact with her friends and family in Cuba, who consistently support her. "If I have the chance to make it into the 'top 20,' I promise to represent my friends, all Cubans, and my community with all my heart," she declared.

Since 1960, Cuba has not participated in the Miss Universe pageant due to prohibitions imposed by the regime. Rosmeri Díaz aims to change this history and represent her country with pride and dedication. "I want the whole world to know what Cubans are made of and the strength we possess," she expressed with emotion.

Rosmeri Díaz and Miss Universe Cuba 2024: Key Questions Answered

In light of Rosmeri Díaz's inspiring journey and aspirations for the Miss Universe Cuba 2024 pageant, here are some key questions and answers that provide further insights into her story and the competition.

What motivated Rosmeri Díaz to participate in Miss Universe Cuba 2024?

Rosmeri Díaz is motivated by her passion for modeling and her desire to represent Cuba on an international stage, showcasing the strength and values of Cubans.

What challenges has Rosmeri Díaz faced in her journey?

Rosmeri has faced numerous challenges, including a difficult migratory journey through Latin America and adapting to life in the United States. Despite these obstacles, she has remained determined and focused on her goals.

How is Rosmeri Díaz preparing for the Miss Universe Cuba 2024 pageant?

Rosmeri maintains a strict diet and exercise routine and draws on her previous experiences in dance and modeling to prepare for the pageant. She also receives strong support from her friends and family in Cuba.

What makes the Miss Universe Cuba 2024 competition unique?

This year's competition is unique because it has no restrictions on age, marital status, height, or body measurements, making it an inclusive opportunity for all Cuban women who wish to participate.

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