Cuban Woman Reports Lack of Coffin and Transport for Deceased Relative

Thursday, July 11, 2024 by Olivia Torres

Cuban Woman Reports Lack of Coffin and Transport for Deceased Relative
Body of a Cuban who died in Buey Arriba, in Granma province - Image © Facebook/Olenmis Miranda Sevilla

A Cuban woman reported on Wednesday the lack of a coffin and transport for a deceased relative. Initially, Olenmis Miranda did not specify the location, but later clarified that it happened in the village of La Estrella, in the municipality of Buey Arriba, Granma province.

"My friends, please help me share this post. My uncle has been dead since yesterday. He is decomposing and has a terrible odor. There is no coffin or transport to bury him. Please help," Olenmis wrote alongside a photo showing a body covered with a sheet and some flowers on what appeared to be a home's porch.

Four hours after the initial post, in the comments section of the same publication, the woman updated that the "situation had been resolved," but a power outage had prevented her from notifying earlier. "My old man is now resting peacefully," she concluded.

Details Emerge on the Tragic Incident

In a more recent post, the woman thanked those who showed concern and clarified that her uncle had committed suicide, a situation she blamed on the social worker who attended to him, who allegedly forced him to live alone under the threat of losing his pension. She further explained that her uncle was "visually impaired and had a disabled arm."

In a third update, Miranda Sevilla denied that her complaints were false, emphasizing that she does not "publish lies" and reiterated that the incident occurred in the rural village of La Estrella, in Buey Arriba, Granma.

The report of difficulties in transporting a corpse, in this case in Granma province, coincided with another incident on the same day where a young woman from a hospital in Havana pleaded for help in transporting her husband's body, which had been waiting for over nine hours for a Legal Medicine vehicle. In that case, the issue was also resolved, but not before enduring a frustrating and painful wait.

In the comments section of that complaint, dozens of netizens reacted with a mix of indignation and sadness, with many describing it as a "disrespect" that even in death, peace cannot be found in Cuba.

Such conclusions have become recurrent in light of similar situations reported in recent months, one of the most notable being the lack of a hearse to transport the body of the deceased actor Carlos Massola, which the family waited over seven hours for.

Understanding the Crisis in Funeral Services in Cuba

The following questions and answers provide additional insights into the ongoing crisis in funeral services in Cuba, highlighting the broader issues faced by the population.

What are the main issues with funeral services in Cuba?

The primary issues include a lack of coffins, transport vehicles, and timely services, often exacerbated by administrative inefficiencies and resource shortages.

How has the Cuban government responded to these complaints?

The government response has been inconsistent, with some issues being resolved after public outcry, but the systemic problems remain largely unaddressed.

Are there any recent notable incidents similar to the one reported?

Yes, similar incidents have been reported recently, including the case of the late actor Carlos Massola, whose family waited over seven hours for a hearse.

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