Yunior Morales Highlights U.S. Grocery Shopping: "This is Freedom"

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 by Aaron Delgado

Cuban broadcaster Yunior Morales, now residing in the United States, recently shared a glimpse of his diverse grocery purchase with his followers, emphasizing that such experiences are exclusive to countries that enjoy freedom. Morales has maintained a critical stance against the Cuban regime for several years. He is well-known in Cuban media and especially on social media platforms where he has voiced his support for political prisoners and his hope for the end of communism.

"I am relishing the blessing of being free, having dignity, and refusing to settle for misery. God rewards the brave. How wonderful, how wonderful, and how wonderful!" Morales exclaimed in a Facebook live stream as he began showcasing his groceries. Among the items were candies, ice creams, cheeses, seasonings, pickles, breads, meats, shrimps, potatoes, and other delicacies that Cubans typically cannot afford or access.

The video has garnered both supportive messages and some criticism for displaying food amidst the severe shortages faced by Cubans on the island.

Morales also took the opportunity to denounce Humberto López, a spokesperson for the Cuban state. He accused López of spreading lies through the media and participating in efforts to instill fear among citizens. This was in reference to the "Razones de Cuba" program, where López presented an alleged case of terrorism involving a supposed mercenary, trained in Miami exile, who purportedly entered Cuba on a jet ski armed with five pistols to disrupt public order.

Questions about Yunior Morales and Cuban Regime Criticism

Below are some common questions and answers regarding Yunior Morales's recent grocery shopping video and his ongoing criticism of the Cuban regime.

Why did Yunior Morales share his grocery shopping experience?

Yunior Morales wanted to highlight the freedom and abundance available in the United States, contrasting it with the scarcity and restrictions faced by Cubans under the current regime.

What products did Morales showcase in his video?

He showcased a variety of items including candies, ice creams, cheeses, seasonings, pickles, breads, meats, shrimps, and potatoes.

How has Morales's video been received?

The video has received a mix of supportive messages and criticisms, with some viewers feeling that it was insensitive to showcase food amidst Cuba's shortages.

Who is Humberto López and why did Morales criticize him?

Humberto López is a spokesperson for the Cuban state, and Morales accused him of spreading misinformation and creating fear among citizens through media programs like "Razones de Cuba."

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